by Anni Cyrus

Melissa Ann Murray is a Political Contributor for and the on-set Political Contributor for “West Coast Weekly with Andrea Kaye,” and She is also the force behind “Says Missy,” a consulting group focusing on social media promotion, marketing, fundraising and political campaign communications. Through “Says Missy,” she has exponentially expanded the audiences of public figures, businesses, non-profits, and politicians, reaching new markets and constituents to grow their influence and build community.

Melissa has dedicated her career to promoting the American ideal. Her experience in politics has given her a firm appreciation of the challenges and opportunities of getting out the good news about our country. She has worked as Communications Director on a California state assembly race, Social Media Director and Southern California Regional Coordinator on a California U.S. Senate race, and served as a Republican delegate for the state of California. In her time as the National Director for the American Truth Project, a nonprofit focused on educating the public on critical security risks facing America, and our most important strategic ally, Israel, Melissa promoted a positive vision of peace and security.

Melissa has appeared on nationally syndicated television and radio shows. She brings her fresh approach and keen insights to shedding new light on important current political and social issues. Melissa aspires to live her life guided by George Washington’s dictum, “Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.”

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