So far – It’s Not About The 2016 Election – Trump’s Ex-Campaign Chairman Manafort Faces U.S. Tax Charges

The news, at first blush, sounds ominous.

However, the indictment of Paul Manafort and his business associate on 12 counts is unrelated to the 2016 election. They have to do with his private business dealings.

That raises the questions why Robert Mueller would pursue this indictment instead of handing it off to others and declaring that Manafort’s actions, while illegal, are not within his jurisdiction.

Could it be that Mueller is trying to flip Manafort on an issue related to the 2016 election?

Why the indictment was leaked, a violation of federal law, is also a question.

Welcome to the new America – following the law by law enforcement is optional.

*I have repeatedly called for Mueller to step down (as has the NY Post and the Wall Street Journal) given that he was the former head of the FBI, appointed by President Obama and James Comey was his protege.

It is very clear that Obama’s Campaign paid money to the law firm that hired Fusion GPS – the political firm that commissioned the bogus Trump Dossier.  Beyond that, the Hillary campaign and FBI appears to have either lent support to or paid money to Fusion GPS as well.  Finally, James Comey has admitted to violating federal law with respect to Trump, i.e. taking federal property and leaking it to influence an investigation.

Mueller should in no way be involved with fact finding that implicates the foregoing.  His decision to stay on will taint this investigation as does his decision to appoint prosecutors that donated to Hillary Clinton and Obama.

It is astonishing that he has not stepped down.  Sadly, that is America today.

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Trump’s Ex-Campaign Chairman Manafort Faces U.S. Tax Charges

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