You Won’t Believe Why They Are Against Trump’s Coming Executive Order On Healthcare – or maybe you will

The world knows that Congressional Republicans have yet to provide a better framework for the American Healthcare system.  That failure carries a considerable number of risks for people:

  1. Many Americans will be left with only one healthcare insurance choice – or worse.
  2. Many Americans will be faced with skyrocketing premiums.
  3. Many Americans will continue to have limited access to doctors.

AND, of lesser importance, but still very visible – Republicans could pay for it in the Midterm Elections.

Unwilling to wait for Republicans, President Trump is going to issue an executive order that the Hill newspaper covered with this headline:

Trump could make waves with health-care order

Why do they think that?

Well, read this:

“Trump’s order, expected as soon as this week, would allow small businesses or other groups of people to band together to buy health insurance. Some fear that these association health plans would not be subject to the same rules as ObamaCare plans, including those that protect people with pre-existing conditions. That would make these plans cheaper for healthy people, potentially luring them away from the ObamaCare market. The result could be that only sicker, costlier people remain in ObamaCare plans, leading to a spike in premiums.”

So there you have it folks.  Make no mistake about it – those who continue to support ObamaCare, despite its failures and imminent collapse, have no desire to see people return to a state where they can get cheaper insurance.  As Hillary once said, “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”  Your healthcare included.

Please take a look at my latest in Forbes on what lies ahead in 2018 for Healthcare by clicking here.

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