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Tom Del Beccaro’s Latest Columns

Del Beccaro: California Democrats target Trump’s tax returns (apparently the big stuff can wait)

In California, Democratic politicians get ahead by attacking, suing and otherwise denigrating President Trump. Indeed, California is number one in suing Trump. The latest ploy by Democrats? A law that requires the president to disclose his tax returns to get on the ballot. Read more at Foxnews.com by Clicking Here 4633total visits,3visits today0 302

Del Beccaro: Robert Mueller’s four lasting legacies (hint: it’s not pretty)

Robert Mueller took the special counsel’s job in an era of great political division. As Mueller said in his congressional testimony on Wednesday, it was a “unique circumstance.” Sadly, if not gravely, for the country, Mueller not only undermined American justice, in the process, he fanned the flames of American division for years … 0 288

Del Beccaro: Democrats desperately want to win in 2020. Here are five reasons why Republicans are smiling

The post-debate polls are out and former Vice President Joe Biden is ahead of second-place Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., by 19 points according to a recent Harvard/Harris poll. Wait, according to the Quinnipiac poll, Biden only has a two-point lead over second-place Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., and the Economist poll says Biden is up by … 0 266

Del Beccaro: Dems show America that the debate is set — and there are radical differences for 2020

Both Democrat debates are in the books. We can argue over who won and who lost, who helped themselves and who didn’t. More importantly, however, the debates cemented that 2020 will be the most divisive election in over a century and will be the very height of our Divided Era. Read more at Foxnews.com … 0 263

Del Beccaro: Dem debates bring tax-and-spend Lollapalooza to center stage

We are just days away from Tax-and-Spend Lollapalooza – otherwise known as the Democrat presidential candidate debates.  Here’s what to expect from the two-day event: First, unless you have been under a rock, you know that there are two dozen Democrat presidential candidates, meaning that there will be two full nights of … 0 250

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