Del Beccaro: Newsom must go – here’s what California needs from its next governor

  • 1/23 update: 1.725 Million have signed the Recall petition.

There is an earthquake underway in California. Instead, of building fallings, however, a politician who thought he was destined for the presidency is teetering on edge.

Yes, California is headed to a recall election this fall of its Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom. The reasons why, as I have written before, are many including a failed response to COVID and jobs and businesses leaving the state at a record pace.

As of this writing, over 1.6 million people, Republicans, independents and Democrats, have signed a petition to recall the governor. As many as 2 million are expected to sign before the March 17th deadline, which would guarantee a recall election this fall. (To trigger a recall election for the governor those leading the effort need 12% of the total voter turnout from the last election.) 

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