Idolatry, Sin, and Voting for Democrats

I am exactly as old as the Civil rights act of 1964 by 1 hour. I am a living clock to that document. This Nation has made great efforts as a Nation to balance the wrongs of this Nation’s shameful and early start, but liken to the Egyptians when Pharoah set the Hebrews free. The Egyptians said take whatever spoils you want and leave us!! So they took what they wanted including gold, and when they were free, they did take that gold and fashion a golden calf an idol before the foot of the mountain of God. Freedom in the hands of the wicked is a sin unto itself. So the Hebrews were punished to circle the mountain of God until all the generations that had sinned before God were done. But what if during that time of penance they had made yet another god again?

Our children are given freedom from the law these days, looting killing with little or no consequences, they’re given fame and gold to fashion their own chains now to wear about their necks of their own free will. Our precious future those children who survive the sickle of planned parenthood are still at risk of being slaughtered on the alter of Progressive ideology in our streets daily, while others like “Le Bum” James are set up as their new golden calf. While yet others run for office spewing bile matter into the hearts and minds of our youth. With all the legislation and treasure used by this Nation to uplift black Americans, I used to wonder why are we still relatively where we are? Then I see blacks eager to vote for Warnock & Abrams and then I see why…

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