At a recent Hip Hop event, President Joe Biden referred to musician and actor LL Cool J as a "boy," a racial slur for African-American men. MC Lyte recently defended Joe Biden's apparent racial slur against

The incident in Florida is sad and horrible, on the heels of the anniversary of Dr.King Jr's great speech it's even more painful. A white man with a gun sporting a swastika, entered a store

Those disgusting ignoramuses who are duplicitous with their true prisoners are really taking this to new heights! Che Alexander is the Fulton County Clerk who "accidentally" posted a court document with Trump indictments prior to

Vice President Kamala Harris recently raised concerns over Florida's state curriculum after the removal of small amount of CRT content. Hell I almost fell for it too! That idiot Kamala Harris' expended the last of

I have always enjoyed the talents of Jill Scott. However her divisive and disrespectful mutilation of our National Anthem, with a double down of doing it during the celebration of this Nation's 247th Birthday, multiplied

Fatherhood can operate on many levels , so no matter what level you are on, please ensure that you are present, loving, instructive and consistent. There are many young people in your life in some

Today as we watch President Trump being dragged into this court, we will be witnessing the Supernatural intruding on the Natural. This time the attack is against President Trump! This one isn't about us, it's

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As we watch our state make laws that no longer protect our young people, as we see all manner of bizarre activity in our children's schools, and as the United Nations even attempts to make

Isn't it ironic that on this day April, 4th 2023 the Anniversary of the Day civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was slain is the same day that it appears decades later civil

Trump's arraignment today is a perfect example of how the corrupt Democrat Party is! The weaponized government agencies and the media are acting in unison. Tuesday the 4th of April, 2023 the unthinkable has happened: