Overnight, Trump pushed back over a deal that Pelosi and Schumer claimed they had on DACA with Trump. Even so, it appears that Trump is more than unlikely to require anyone already here to be deported.

Just read that headline.  You would think that the approval rating for the Democrat leaders in this state would be low in the face of 3 straight years of CA being #1 in poverty.  It

NY Post writer Michael Goodwin posits that "The biggest surprise in President Trump’s willingness to work with Democrats is how much of a surprise it is to much of America."  Goodwin goes on to note

“I love America, but I can’t spend the whole year here. I can’t afford the taxes.” – Mick Jagger. That’s how so many Americans feel, that they just can’t afford the taxes. But most of us

The Pacific Northwest’s fires don’t interest people much for the same reason that people in New York and D.C. don’t understand why Westerners like pick ups, SUVs and guns. You’ll notice, however,  that those items have

Politics today is a constant campaign - but usually only on the Left.  The American Left seeks to shape public opinion every day, on policy, either through the Media, Academia, public employee unions or the

No question tax reform remains the President's top priority.  Trump's courting of Democrats should not be a surprise.  Either he is doing it to pressure Republicans, to keep the Media off balance or to soften

Supply and Demand: CA might not know it, but the laws of economics have not been repealed. As I write about in my latest OC Register column, there is no mystery as to why CA housing

A new federal audit says the U.S. government improperly and illegally​ spent $84 million for Gov. Jerry Brown’s plans to build two giant water tunnels to ship Northern California water to Southern California. This will not end

Here are some headlines from this week after Trump's DACA decision: The New York Times: Inner Racism Revealed. Newsweek  THE RACISM AT THE HEART OF TRUMP’S DACA DECISION   The American Prospect:  DACA Phase-Out Yet Another Gimme to Trump’s