As the start of the day, I wrote this An endless number of people on the Left complain about what America isn't and then tell us what America should be.  They seek to tear down statues,

So, the Republicans unveiled their Tax Reform Plan.  There are many legitimate questions about a "plan" that has yet to be written in detail. With taxes, AS A LEGAL MATTER, every single word counts.  Nothing

California is a state in love with the automobile, with more than 2 million passenger autos registered to drivers. Yet the almost-octogenarian California Governor Jerry Brown has been pushing his chief environmental regulator to initiate

In his new book, The Vanishing Middle Class, MIT economist Peter Temin claims that America is beginning to resemble a third-world country. He estimates that just 20% of Americans are living comfortably, with the vast

The deadline is fast approaching.  Republicans have until September 30th to repeal and replace Obamacare. Will they be able to do it? My latest in Forbes: Next Stop: A Republican ObamaCare Bailout if This Repeal Fails?

In the history of bad business decisions, the NFL’s choice to back sideline protestors who kneel during the national anthem should rank right up there NBC and CBS passing on Monday Night Football in 1970

No, Trump Didn’t Break The Law By Suggesting NFL Firings I wrote the book The Divided Era. The purpose of which is for people to recognize the magnitude and source of our current divisions, which are

Sacramento . . . Brian Dahle, the new Assembly Republican leader, just thumbed his nose at grassroots party activists. He announced a leadership team that’s a who’s who of “Republicans In Name Only.” That’s his prerogative,

Elizabeth Warren is a darling of the Far Left.  She got there by attacking big business/Wall Street.  She goes after the one percenters in general. It is widely known, of course, that she has done quite

The Castro brothers of Cuba have been running spy operations inside the United States for decades and only a few have been detected and caught. The FBI has a division devoted to tips, clues and