The definition of insanity is to repeat the same mistake over and over again, while hoping for a different, better outcome. Such is the latest case of the predictable Left, turning once again to another

California is a place unlike any other on the Globe.  It boasts perhaps the greatest natural resources of any state along with shining high-tech industries.  However, like many good economic stories, government policies threaten its

James Comey had his big coming out party on ABC News. How did he do? At the end of the day, it must always be remembered that James Comey has lied repeatedly and presided over an out-of-control

Every political campaign in history has performed or been a victim of opposition research where items emerge that were both true and untrue. Opposition research has assumed new and global platforms where hostile and objectionable

We have learned just how out of control Robert Muller's investigation is. Stunningly, Mueller believes it is his job to look into everything and anything Donald Trump or those associated with him has ever done.  That

California's policies invite people to come here illegally.  Those policies come at a price. Today, Investors Business Daily makes the case that the over 1 million driver's licenses handed out to those here illegally come at

Every town has one – that project that simply appeared one day. The other day on the “Next Door” phone app a neighbor complained about just such a project whose estimated costs were in the