During the Obama Administration, the Supreme Court made major policy decisions such as upholding Obamacare and same sex marriage.  After the Democrats lost control of the House, no major legislation was signed by the President

There was a military junta in Haiti and the President Clinton dispatched 2,000 Marines and 4 amphibious groups to the Caribbean island to restore order. Clinton had just announced new rules on asylum seekers where

Most elections are about the economy.  By all accounts the economy is doing quite well, including historically low unemployment. Labor shortages abound and wages are rising. A rising economy usually indicates that people are satisfied with

The long awaited IG REPORT is released TODAY: ✔ Comey Broke From FBI Procedures in Clinton Probe, Watchdog Finds => https://www.bloomberg.com/…/comey-broke-from-fbi-procedures… ✔ FBI agent texted ‘We’ll stop’ Trump from becoming president, DOJ report says: => https://www.pressherald.com/…/report-on-fbi-actions-in-cli…/ ✔ 'Foreign actors' accessed

Nixon went to China. Reagan met with the Soviet Union. Trump now has met with North Korea. Nixon was a strong anti-communist. So too was Reagan. Trump has been tough on North Korea. Nixon came away, not

The political mourning period of the election is over. The daily memos flying through emails and text messages giving all of you talking points and obstruction missions are not helpful or healthy for our country.  Americans

It was inevitable. There was no way to stop it. Or was there? For months now, we have heard at length about the "blue wave" waiting to crash on Republican hopes to hold on to the

The U.S. economy is humming along. The numbers say it all: • U.S. Payrolls Rise 223,000; Jobless Rate Matches 48-Year Low • “The number of employed Americans, 155,474,000, has broken another record -- for the ninth time