The Mueller Investigation continues unabated and almost without limits. The Investigation represents a major blow to the 4th Amendment. Here is my latest in the Epoch Times: The Death of the Fourth Amendment

For many years the United States has pursued a policy of international interventionism. President Donald Trump is changing this approach and is setting a new foreign policy doctrine. The course change has upset many in

The FBI targeted General Flynn.  They knew what Flynn said at the time he said it and, as James Comey has freely admitted, they broke the rules to question him about a non-offense. Step by

The full results of the Midterm elections and there are many facets that still require examination. The headlines seem to focus on the Democrats gaining a majority in the House of Representatives. Equally noteworthy are

"The U.S. economy is doing quite well. Yet, Republicans didn’t fare as well in the midterm elections as they thought the economy would afford them. Smart observers now understand why: It’s not just about the private-sector economy