Elizabeth Warren's asset tax. Cory Booker's $50,000 per child subsidy -- and of course, Medicare for all. It's only January of the traditional "off-year" and the presidential election season seems to be already underway. With so many Democrats looking to challenge

If the economy is doing so well since President Trump began cutting taxes and eliminating regulations, why is there such discontent and calls from the left for a massive expansion of government and huge tax

Signs of our societal divisions are everywhere. Our political parties are at odds, our media is divided, and our citizens aren’t only divided, they are sorting themselves out between red and blue states. One other

China on the Rise It took decades after the death of Mao Zedong, one of history’s greatest mass murders, and the fall of the Soviet Union to bring China into the global economy. President Deng Xiaoping, the same

The ubiquitous question continues: ‘When does the Mueller Special Counsel operation come to a close?’ Well, that may be answered, in part, by the resignation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.  President Trump chose William Barr to

California has a new governor – the young and ambitious Gavin Newsom. The telegenic Newsom will likely invigorate politics after years of the less-outgoing Jerry Brown. Newsom’s policies, however, may not be so stimulating for business and

Job growth is strong, wages are rising and the Fed may be pausing. So, will there be a truce between President Trump and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell to the market’s delight? Please read my inaugural piece at Fox Business

There was a time when the business of America was business - as president Calvin Coolidge would say. There was a time when Democrat Presidents cared about full employment - like Harry Truman. Today, however,