As the national debate on abortion intensifies, many rumors and lies have been spread about the test case laws passed in several Pro-Life states. The details of these bills reveal that they

Robert Mueller had perhaps his final say on Wednesday but Hillary Clinton apparently had not. Mueller said that he couldn’t prove Trump was innocent. Meanwhile, Hillary, the person who did commit crimes, is demanding accountability. Welcome to Alice in D.C. land.  Read more

There was no reason for outgoing Special Counsel Robert Mueller to speak to the media Wednesday. Once again, he has abused the legal system. Read more at by clicking here

Joe Biden leads in the national polls for the Democrat nomination. But !! Party nominations are not determined by national polls. They are determined state by state in caucuses and primaries. The

The latest Zogby poll shows a majority of millennials now approve of President Donald Trump’s job performance. That is a stark change from recent years, and just like President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, the rising economy

The United States is not a socialist country today. That is so because of our vibrant private sector. If some of the Democratic presidential hopefuls truly had their way, however, they would bring socialism into clear view. Read more at

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]By Aynaz Anni Cyrus and Kaveh Taheri. The Islamic regime of Iran has been kept in power by default support from a large middle group of Iranian society, who the opposition forces have never been able

The Democrats are off and running for President and Vice President and the House could well flip back to the Republicans. Below is the latest commentary and articles from Publisher Tom Del Beccaro on the

Joe Biden has a history of plagiarism. So much so that he dropped out of his first presidential run over that and his false comments about his grades. Apparently, he didn’t do too well in economics class either

It was not long ago that China loomed large on the horizon. Their fast-growing economy and seemingly limitless human resources meant China could build up its military and slowly buy up US debt instruments. The