Obama signed Executive Order 13520 on November 20, 2009 titled ‘Reducing Improper Payments’. Defined in this order is the purpose to examine all parts of the Federal government where improper payments were made, the reasons, the amounts and

Protests in Hong Kong have become riots in recent days as unrest escalates. Hong Kong police have tried to disperse the protestors gently. The Hong Kong government has handled the affair incompetently. Protestors are concerned

Round two of the debates is the books and Democrats are firmly committed to doubling or tripling the size of government. From health care to education and beyond, Democrats' plans mean that, for them, socialism is a matter of when, not

In California, Democratic politicians get ahead by attacking, suing and otherwise denigrating President Trump. Indeed, California is number one in suing Trump. The latest ploy by Democrats? A law that requires the president to disclose his tax returns to