The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu has been indicted in three cases accusing him of corruption. In essence, these charges allege that he did or offered favours for several media companies in exchange for gifts in the

Latest Headlines: Pelosi says leadership won't pressure moderates to back impeachment For 3rd time in US history, full House to vote on impeachment of a president Democratic lawmaker open to pursuing impeachment again if Trump wins in 2020 Republicans

Short answer: Don’t count on it. Once again, I turned on the television to catch up on the latest news and was sadly greeted with video of yet another mass shooting. Immediately, I write up my

The American political world came to a halt Wednesday with the debut of a new TV production: Democrats vs. Trump: Impeachment Inquiry 2019. With so many questions unanswered, one above all will matter: Will Democrats be able to convince a

The D.C. Democrats’ public impeachment “inquiry” hearings are set to begin. No one can seriously say that the lopsided procedure they have decreed is remotely fair, let alone a model of due process.  As it unfolds, the Republicans need

When he took office, President Trump inherited a mess in Syria. His administration worked diligently to defeat Islamic State (ISIS), which had grown into an international terrorist pseudo-state that threatened US interests. Upon completing that

1.  The 2020 Election is one year away and, more importantly, the Iowa Caucus is just 92 days away. 2.  Nat’l polls favoring Biden are meaningless.  They would have meaning if they gave him a fundraising advantage. They have