2020 Vision: Media Propaganda

Media malfeasance is an important component of election fraud. The media may not have skewed the vote counting or delivered hundreds of thousands of ballots in trucks to election offices in the early morning hours after election day; but they still contributed to a fraudulent election. A poll of 1750 Biden voters in seven swing states conducted by The Polling Company found that negative stories about Joe Biden and positive stories about President Trump would have swayed significant percentages of the vote in favor of the President, if only they had actually been reported. The media has largely become a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and the Deep State. Can elections ever be fair with such malfeasant reporting?

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Pros and Cons

Of those polled in this survey some 17% would not have voted for Joe Biden if any one of eight news stories had been reported. These include negative stories about Joe Biden such as the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations, the Hunter Biden scandal, and Kamala Harris’ extreme left views. Positive stories about President Trump that might have swung votes away from Biden include the June jobs report, the historic peace agreements between Israel and two Arab countries, America’s energy independence, and Operation Warp Speed, which expedited the creation of vaccines for the Wuhan Virus (Coronavirus). If these stories, and others along similar lines, had been properly reported former Vice President Joe Biden’s numbers (fraudulent thought they are) would have been lower still.

Anecdotally, I sent an article about President Trump’s accomplishments to several friends who are on the left. The article published by Political Vanguard contributor Rachel Mosely, cited the 32-odd reasons she voted for President Trump. My friends on the left had not heard of most of them. One had not heard of any.

The far left in the United States controls the media, higher education, K-12 education, Hollywood and entertainment, sports, and much of corporate America. This cabal, when combined with the influence of powerful billionaires, social media platforms, and the greater number of public employees at all levels of government, is what is termed the Deep State. This powerful force has worked to undermine President Trump since he came down the escalator in June 2015. This cabal never accepted the election results of 2016 and did everything it could to unseat the President. It seriously underestimated how deeply unpopular the Deep State is, and American voters were able to win the election of 2016, even though it was rigged against President Trump. 2020 was no different, the media was especially eager to cooperate in hobbling the President at every turn.

Destroying the Deep State

This November we have seen just how far the Deep State and the left will go to defeat the will of American voters. Once again, President Trump won a rigged election. This time, however, they were prepared. Hundreds of thousands of ballots marked only for Joe Biden appeared conveniently in critical swing states in the early morning hours the day after election day. Suddenly, suspiciously, President Trump’s overwhelming leads in swing states evaporated, replaced by narrow leads for Joe Biden. Now we are fast approaching, or may have exceeded, 100% voter turnout nationally. The numbers are impossible. Meanwhile, the media has avoided their usual post-election analytics of voting demographics and gains and losses. They are eagerly projecting a win by the former Vice President and have termed him “President-Elect” even as the election results remain contested.

What can be done to break up this cabal? First, we must point out the malfeasance in these institutions, albeit obvious and overt over the past few years. Second, the hypocrisy of these institutions to be so biased and claim objectivity or neutrality. Finally, we must all know what they are and call the spade a spade. Still, there are those on the left who do not care about malfeasance, hypocrisy, or bias. Most of people on the left are so deeply indoctrinated into the Neo-Marxist ideology that they cannot fathom or respect any idea or person not part of their religious cult. Those of us not under their influence must, naturally, stand together and resist the efforts of this cabal to deny us our vote, to deny us our political rights. We must not allow them to trample our free speech, deprive us of economic opportunity, or our right to defend ourselves from overbearing government. This year, we have watched the Deep State use the excuse of a virus to implement every control they can imagine upon our society. Many people are still not free to leave their homes or invite their friends to holiday visits. The crisis, if it was ever truly a crisis, has long passed.

Now that we know what this cabal is and how far they are willing to go to destroy us, we must struggle against them with every fiber in our being. The Deep State cannot be allowed to destroy the United States. Freedom must prevail.

Carthage Must be Destroyed

In the years prior to the Third Punic War (the Punic Wars were fought between Rome and Carthage), Roman Senator Cato the Censor (the Elder) would end every speech with the refrain “Furthermore, Carthage must be destroyed.” This is abbreviated in Latin as “Carthago delenda est.” Cato understood that so long as Carthage remained, they posed an intense threat to Rome. Thus, when he gave a speech on any topic, he would conclude with the aforementioned phrase about Carthage. His perseverance on the issue eventually bore fruit and in the Third Punic War, Carthage was utterly destroyed by Scipio Africanus.

Cato the Elder

It is not the goal of Trump supporters to “destroy” the left in such terms, but to break their power and force them to accept that we have political rights. We seek a strong and prosperous America and they are in the way of our achieving this end. So long as the media and the Deep State continue to resist us in support of their corrupt, elitist, insider agenda, we will work to break their authority and restore it to American voters, when votes are legally and correctly counted. To that end, I will conclude my articles thus: Destroy Systemic Leftism! Sinistrum delenda est!

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