As Americans continue the attempt to sort out a contentious Presidential election fraught with voter fraud, Israel’s political challenges have not abated. A Biden Presidency means, at the very least, a lowering of Israel in

Media malfeasance is an important component of election fraud. The media may not have skewed the vote counting or delivered hundreds of thousands of ballots in trucks to election offices in the early morning hours

One side believes there is rampant election fraud and wants the courts to correct the error by overturning the results. The other believes they have won, even though the election is incomplete, and will not

Several paths remain open to Donald Trump in his pursuit of the Presidency. If the President refuses to concede and if his popular base continues to support him, he can continue to seek legal action.

The Left’s unending drive for bigger government now includes, almost as a matter of faith, that the Electoral College must be abolished. The Washington Post most recently has pushed for that. If the Electoral College

Statistically speaking, without digging into the details of the claims of voter fraud, the 2020 election results published thus far are completely implausible. They buck every trend in American politics and violate the standards by

On election night, it became clear the Donald Trump had won a second term as President. The results showed he had commanding leads in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Georgia and North Carolina were already won,

*First Printed in the Epoch Times At 2 am Eastern, the morning after Election Night, President Trump had a solid lead in Wisconsin. Less than four hours later, it evaporated. Joe Biden would have you believe that

Nearly 90 million votes have already been cast in early voting across the country. Polls from the most accurate pollsters of 2016 show Trump leading in most battleground states or statistically tied. Will election day