Since the beginning of his presidency, the Democrats have charged but never proven that President Trump has engaged in illegal activity. That criminalization of policy differences reached a new height with the House impeachment vote. Whether the

As the Democrats’ 24-hour impeachment case came to a close, it was rather obvious that impeachment wasn’t a focused attempt to legally prove something related to Ukraine. Instead, while they hoped the nation was watching, and while using taxpayer

By soundly rejecting Democratic demands to greatly expand the impeachmentinvestigation against President Trump, Senate Republicans acted properly. Indeed, it is not the job of the Senate to come to the rescue of House Democrats who are guilty

The Democratic nomination race started within days after the 2018 Midterms. Since then, a year has passed, two dozen have declared their candidacy, and there have been seven debates—and yet there is no clarity as to who

The recent news out of Iran is stark. In the wake of the shooting down of a plane of innocents by Iran’s dictators, renewed protests have sprung up in Iran. Protests by those seeking freedom in Iran,

A body that shirks its most basic functions and refuses to enforce an ethical standard of behavior on its own membership can hardly expect voters to respect the use of its most exceptional and unwieldy

President Trump took the extraordinary step of killing an Iranian general. The deadly missile strike followed escalating Iranian provocations. Predictably, the American left says Trump did the wrong thing. However, on this serious matter, these nine points should never

Iran has engaged it many acts of provocation against the United States and our allies over the past several years. The attack on the US Embassy in Iraq and the recent missile attack aimed at