With just over two months to go, the presidential election is in full swing. For months, some have claimed Joe Biden will be the winner, just as they did with Hillary Clinton in 2016. With the close

The only thing that unifies Democrats is their determination to defeat President Trump The Democratic National Convention was supposed to showcase the Democrats’ unity heading into the November election. The plain truth, however, is that the Democratic Party

One of the most important stories of 2020 is the Israel-United Arab Emirates peace dealthat was brokered by President Trump last week. The timing of the deal indicates that the UAE and Israel want the reelection of Donald

Historical Perspective In a recent Washington Examiner article, Byron York explains the three major reasons Joe Biden should not win the presidential election given historical precedent. He notes that no one who has served decades as

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, after many delays, has finally announced his choice for vice president. He's chosen former presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., as his running mate. Time will tell the real story behind why Biden chose

American politics is so divided these days that, for many, defeating the other party’s candidate appears to be all that matters, so much so that the candidate’s policies are almost completely ignored. In this election, however, that’s a dangerous

Who is going to win the November Election?  Well, some are seizing on polls showing a lead for Joe Biden. Prognosticators, however, would do well to remember that, in recent history, he who offers a tax