My Take On The Kavanaugh Hearing

The epic Kavanaugh hearing is in the books.  The Judiciary Committee may never be the same. Here is my assessment of the meeting:

A. The Facts:

The only person to add material facts was Kavanaugh. Ford did not fill in the holes in her story. Kavanaugh’s discussion about his calendar was material.

Ford’s story remains uncorroborated.

B. The Larger Point:

Ford is a symbol of a cause. Even though her story is light on details (no location or date – which would prevent a warrant or preclude a serious investigation) and has no corroboration (which also would prevent a criminal investigation or severely limit a civil action), her supporters see her as a symbol of a greater cause. To her supporters, that cause is more important than the facts of her case.

Kavanaugh is a symbol of a cause. Think Washington is corrupt? or that the process is rigged? Kavanaugh is now your guy. His fight is no longer just about him or even the Supreme Court – it is about dishonesty in Washington D.C.

Sound familiar? 2016 was about that as well.

C.  Big Loser of the Day?  Feinstein. She was weak questioning Kavanaugh and was repeatedly criticized for her handling of the Ford’s information.

D.  Winner of the Day? A Tossup.

Lyndsey Graham – gave one of the most spirited indictments of Washington corruption on record. He wasn’t always this way – but DC corruption is making him this way.

Judge Kavanaugh. He impressed his supporters more than Ford impressed hers. Her supporters were never going to waiver regardless of what she said.  Kavanaugh’s supporters wondered if he would rise to the occasion. Well, now we know.

E.  Bloodied? Just wait until Trump gets another appointment.

F. How will it affect the Midterms.

  1. Media wants you to believe there will be avalanche of women voting in protest of Republicans.
  2. Republicans want you to believe there will be an avalanche of disgusted voters.
  3. The question remains are their some who are both (1) and (2)

Stay tuned, nothing is settled with regard to the Midterms.

Oh, and Kavanaugh will be seated on the Supreme Court.

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