That public hearing should never had happened. Kavanaugh should have been confirmed. The side show should have remained behind closed doors. That hyper-politicized circus was complete with prepped players, cynical clowns and political trapeze artists. They have

The epic Kavanaugh hearing is in the books.  The Judiciary Committee may never be the same. Here is my assessment of the meeting: A. The Facts: The only person to add material facts was Kavanaugh. Ford did

The left has attacked DC Circuit Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh with vicious and personal accusations aimed at character assassination. This follows a protest circus, complete with clowns, who shouted profanities and slogans aimed at opposing

Long ago, our forerunners relied on a council of elders to decide matters of the group. Over the millennia, as we passed from groups to nations and laws began to replace customs as the glue

The higher the stakes,  the greater the division. That is a law of history.  America was never so divided than over our Revolution and the Civil War. Short of war, we were never so divided as over

With the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings underway, the unions are very jumpy.  Did you know that the U.S. Supreme Court is there to protect the little guy and minorities, uphold women’s rights, and destroy