Americans Killed in Mexico

At least two Americans were recently killed in Mexico and two more were held hostage after Mexican drug cartels “mistook” them for Haitian smugglers and opened fire on their vehicle. According to the victims the four were traveling to Mexico so the woman in the group could have a “tummy tuck” procedure at lower cost. “IF” this is truly a case of an American doing “medical tourism,” I am grieved by their plight. It is true this person went to Mexico previously for medical procedures. Yet “IF”a person were in Mexico for nefarious purpose, using “Medical Tourism” would be a perfect cover. While cosmetic surgery among African Americans is on the rise it is still in the low single digits barely reaching 6% of all medical procedures done, especially the “Tummy Tuck.” Add to that the medical issues accompanied with this procedure for African American skin. It would be smarter to use doctors familiar with how to perform this procedure on African American skin and not risk all the possible scarring and complications that could come from having this procedure done in a foreign land.

There are doctors in Detroit who are fully versed in safely doing this procedure at reasonable cost designed for the African American community at large. Mexico needs and indeed counts on the American dollars that flow from “Medical tourism,” as the cartels are virtually becoming the Taliban of Mexico. They are still wise to the poor optics of indiscriminate attacks on foreigners, especially Americans given how accommodating our borders are to their now lucrative business under the Joe Burden Administration. So why attack this van? It is believed the van was lost, this could be an unfortunate reason they were attacked. After all an American family here in the United States was shot to death in East Los Angeles after being lost in a Barrio, so it’s possible this could be the case. However, my experience and that of others says otherwise. The Federales and cartel members don’t bother you unless you hit their radar. What caused this group to hit their radar?

Often in America when a vehicle hits the radar of our law enforcement the police attempt to stop the vehicle and ascertain more about that vehicle and its passengers. Sadly, primarily with African American drivers, that vehicle fails to stop correctly spurring on a chase and ultimately a confrontation that often ends badly for the occupants. Now amplify that by a 100 if that same scenario plays out in Mexico and its cartel members trying to learn who you are and what you’re doing. If you try that “run away” crap with them. As I said earlier the Cartels are wise that wildly attacking foreigners is a bad optic. It’s also bad for business and can bring unwanted attention. So it is reasonable they would be slow to aim their ire at “tourists.”

The kidnap angle is weak at best when you consider the fat coffers of the cartels that booty would have to be a lot. Given the relatively modest wealth of these victims that’s not likely to have been the case here. The cartels watch TV just like we do, they saw the news and the story of who these people allegedly were, yet they kept them under guard? Why? Was it to parlay with Joe “Burden” for a clearer path to sell their drugs to Americans? Not likely! It couldn’t be a better time for them than now, so why keep the two survivors under lock and key knowing the story line? Could it be because they knew more about these people than we are being told? Could it be they wanted to learn who they were working for? Because by then they knew these were commoners right? Right?

So now the cartels turn over some men who allegedly were there at the scene of the massacre. Look closely at these men and the attackers in the video, their body styles don’t even match. Those wearing body armor were too large to have it fully over their bodies. This was done to soften that optic I spoke of earlier. Seems someone is schooling the cartels in the art of propaganda, someone really good at it. Someone like the leftist media system and the Woke.

As a child growing up on the Southside of Chicago, I would watch as sturdy, decent people were transformed into grotesque zombie like soulless creatures by the drugs! Emphasis crack cocaine that was peddled in my community, not by Afghanis, not by Mexicans or Asians, but by people who looked just like these Americans in this story. Drugs in the black community are sold to blacks by blacks. I suspect that’s true of all communities perhaps. I learned to dislike those who sell drugs to human beings for money, to me they are the lowest form of life just a hair above pedophiles. So I say this, if they were in Mexico for “Medical tourism” and were the unfortunate victims of a drug war gone wild, my prayers and sympathies. But if as this story expands in the weeks and months to come we learn they were not there motivated completely by surgical tourism and were there for “pharmaceutical endeavors” to bring back to the black community so they could “Come Up”, I say to hell with them all!!!

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