Are American Blacks Driving Tyranny?

I’m sick and tired of seeing blacks at the forefront of a level of tyranny that would make Idi Amin and “Papa Doc” Duvalier blush. I can’t help but see an ironic tryst at play in the black community. On the lower strata, black on black crime, drugs, and an ideal of entitlement. Taking other people’s property and earnings is injuring the black community and its good standing with other members of the community.

On the other end we have blacks like Alvin Bragg and others who sit in seats of power who by their agendas and politics have made sworn as falsely as dicers’ oath. Thereby destroying the very fabric of justice that did deliver black America only 60 years ago. Now we see a black man, Bragg, willing to do the very oppression we becried so recently. America, choices must be made and soon!

Let not the wicked have their way and drag us down into a “Race War.” Let us be judged and separated by content of character like wheat from the chaff. If this small petty man dares, let America in one loud voice say: no more!!!!

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