Atrocities in War and Here at Home

While this is such sad news, we must become very serious and very hard about how we got here. There is a man here in America who was sentenced to numerous felonies just for exposing the horrors within planned parenthood. Daily children are pulled apart here in America as Democrats fight like hell for the right to chose to murder an innocent baby! So enough of this sh*t from their propaganda machine! 

Yes it’s horrible that children are dying in a war, that’s why the world needs strong leaders to ensure wars don’t pop off so easily or without any real consequences to the aggressor.  But for the main stream media, who is in bed with planned parenthood giving birth to horrors of their own, with democrats on New York State celebrating with lights and fanfare disgusting legislation that made it legal to murder a fully gestated baby, to see the media trying to massage and work us to “Feel” something about these atrocities in the Ukraine… We don’t need your help or input! We are human beings with a conscious and a soul, don’t worry we feel something!

We feel something about all children who are murdered or harmed by adults, the sad difference here is in the fog of naked aggression and war sadly children die or are harmed as depicted in the famous picture of the child running naked through the streets of Vietnam after being hit with Napalm. But the ice cold difference here is, in war it is normally by mistake, but in the clean, manicured facilities of planned parenthood children are murdered intentionally and they even get paid to do it! And by the end of thus week, planned parenthood will have murdered more children than Vladimir Putin has…

So while the message is an important one, anyone on the left who support leftist ideals like abortion on demand , sorry you are just the wrong messenger, kindly sit down and shut up! 

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