Each Sunday, Tom Del Beccaro put our Politics in Perspective. ~ ~ ~ Politics in Perspective – 3.22.20 – Pls Share 1. The Left of center Media wants Trump to stop appearing at the daily CV briefings. Why? Could

Most of us are experiencing something we have never endured before in our lifetime.  We are being told what to do by government officials.  We are quarantined.  As parents we are becoming homeschool teachers.  Our spouses are either out

How long will the coronavirus crisis continue? No one can say for sure, but the experience indicates one thing is for certain: America is not ready for a major national crisis, such as the failure of an electrical

Democrats have found their Joe Biden groove once again – or have they? While it’s still too early to tell whether there will be a brokered convention, former Vice President Joe Biden certainly has momentum coming out

The Super Tuesday primaries matter this year more than ever. That's because delegate-rich California has moved up its primary in 2020 and joins Texas, another newcomer, in the Super Tuesday sweepstakes. Fourteen states in all, representing approximately 40

As Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) gains steam en route to a delegate lead, calls for other Democratic presidential candidates to drop out of the race are being heard. It would be foolish, however for the likes of Sen.

The 2020 Democrat presidential primary is rounding into shape after nearly a year of campaigning. While some may be surprised that Sen. Bernie Sanders is in the lead and Joe Biden is fading from view, the signs

In the wake of the Democrats' Iowa debacle, the New Hampshire primary may determine the party's 2020 nominee. It is more likely, however, that it will do no more than throw fuel on the growing fire

Since the beginning of his presidency, the Democrats have charged but never proven that President Trump has engaged in illegal activity. That criminalization of policy differences reached a new height with the House impeachment vote. Whether the

As the Democrats’ 24-hour impeachment case came to a close, it was rather obvious that impeachment wasn’t a focused attempt to legally prove something related to Ukraine. Instead, while they hoped the nation was watching, and while using taxpayer