*Originally posted on Foxnews.com Gavin Newsom’s is a failed governorship. Not everyone is cut out to be a leader and between Newsom’s arrogance and incompetence, Californians by the millions are being hurt. That is why well over 1.2 million people

*First published in the Epoch Times The Biden Presidency is set to begin. After a Trump Presidency that understood and worked with the laws of economics, we are about to endure yet another Democrat presidency that

The 2020 election was, and continues to be, the most divisive in decades. With so much at stake, including which party gets to direct trillions in government spending, we spent a record $14 billion on the election

The Left’s unending drive for bigger government now includes, almost as a matter of faith, that the Electoral College must be abolished. The Washington Post most recently has pushed for that. If the Electoral College

*First Printed in the Epoch Times At 2 am Eastern, the morning after Election Night, President Trump had a solid lead in Wisconsin. Less than four hours later, it evaporated. Joe Biden would have you believe that

*First published in the Epoch Times Elections are about choices.  When it comes to the presidency, the choice is between two people and the policies they likely will pursue.  In 2020, I am choosing to vote for the

As November 3 approaches, many prognosticators are trying to convince Americans that former Vice President Joe Biden is a lock to win the presidency. Of course, they said the same about Hillary Clinton's chances in 2016 and it didn’t

In no uncertain terms, the Democrats want to be the party that fills Supreme Court vacancies The passing of the iconic Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has added to the drama of 2020. Predictably, the Democrats said her replacement should

As the Election approaches, Joe Biden and the Democrats are seizing on President Trump’s admitted public downplaying of the Covid Crisis.  Trump says he wanted to limit panic.  Joe Biden, on the other hand, has been wantonly

Middle East peace deals are rare. So too are peace deals right before an American Presidential Election. The fact that multiple peace deals are happening before this election is a clear indication that many Arab