Basketball Player Exchanged for “Merchant of Death…”

So sad how they wind up the pitch making the conditioned black folks think this is some great big deal to be excited about. Yet in truth we are giving Russia a big win for a loser. Not sure this wasn’t the plan all along because it’s the woke left that betray us with Russia in the first place! Now, giving Russia back an International Arms dealer at a time when America has bled out weapons all over the world, giving them back a man called “The merchant of Death” while Russia is at war with the Ukraine; at a time when there will be a significant loss of Nuclear suitcases, how is this good news? But in their machinations make it look like you’re doing something good for the “wokes” and it will pass inspection unlike Griner who failed to pass through customs and sadly many shall die all but for a lesbian basketball player who hates America, but likes to vape!!

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