Beijing Biden Fails America

by kenneth White

When it looks like you’re an agent for China and your child (Hunter Biden) has taken money from foreign governments, when the Ukrainian government would arrest you if you went there. When you tear down the border wall that protects Americans, but put a wall around their Washington D.C. to keep them out. When you seek to disarm Americans and while arming the Taliban.

When you continue to allow unvetted unvaccinated people to pour into the nation from the western borders and elsewhere by boats, planes, trains and camels, but stamp out the livelihoods of Americans because they won’t take the Vax. When you negotiate with terrorist and turn your back and walk away as Americans demand Answers for your reprehensible actions.

When you knowingly leave Americans in foreign lands in harms way and don’t lift heaven and earth to rescue them. It is fair and safe to say that person is not the President of the United States of America.

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