Ghislaine Maxwell Should be Sentenced with Epstein’s Johns

What is set to happen tomorrow is as bad as the Kangaroo Court of January 6th. I am not supporting Jeffrey Epstein or Ghislaine Maxwell, but there’s just this weird compass a sense of justice inside me. I’m the type that even if I have to rule against myself in favor of what is right and fair, I can do it. Something about what we have seen happen in this matter is very wrong, only two people are brought to justice? No one who abused those young girls is held to account?! All the while, we hear Joe Biden and Gavin Newsom massage us using passion play, tears etc along with the spectre of abused little girls all to protect “Abortion on demand.” Yet both are curiously silent on the horrors visited on little girls at “Lolita Island…”

It seems Jeffrey Epstein received the ultimate consequence for his role in this and on the morrow Mistress Ghislaine Maxwell shall receive her punishment too; and mark me should that happen! Within a month we shall never speak of these two again and the guiltiest parties shall escape calumny. Yet in my heart and in my ears, I hear a cry for help! Is it a young girl kept away in some basement? Is that muffled scream an illegal immigrant woman in a truck being raped? Could it be a desperate young lady weeping after she compromised herself to survive as she counts the crumpled money passed to her from wrinkled old fingers of an old man who took advantage of her sad situation? Where is that coming from?! I can hear it! It haunts me as I try to look for the source of the wailing sounds of a woman in pain. I follow the sounds and I am amazed to where it has led me, look! There! Behind the judges desk and look over there! In the jury box women and girls all around in all manners of abuse, all crying out because they were not recognized by the courts as important enough that even the mighty and elite should be covered by the law!

I look to lady justice to ask why has she allowed this and now I see where the muffled cries come from! Justice isn’t just blind folded, she’s been bound up and muffled, her sword removed, her scales on the floor and now she too awaits the same fate that has befallen many women in the hands of corrupt and wicked men! This isn’t justice until the Johns stand with Maxwell and all receive a sentence for their crimes. For if their is no punishment for them, as if this isn’t a crime, then why punish Maxwell? Where’s the crime in this if only two of the many pay a price? America, we were once viewed as a Great Nation because here in America even those we don’t like we still worked to ensure they received justice! As Mistress Maxwell is sentenced tomorrow knowing all the many men she facilitated with young girls. She, knowing that will be watching from secret safe places of luxury and comfort perhaps enjoying fresh new girls from an even newer Mistress they shall watch as “Justice is carried out” on Mistress Ghislaine Maxwell. In that moment what must she think of us what does this say about us?

Justice has a big sister, if Justice is ever rescued and freed from these thugs who have taken over our justice system for their benefit, she will run to her big sister and seek recompense, her big sister Karma will hear her please…

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