Del Beccaro: The Hidden Message in Biden’s Morehouse College Speech

As the 2024 election nears, the two major presidential candidates Biden and Trump will be front and center in the public eye.  It’s likely that at least some of their speeches will disclose their policy priorities for 2025 and beyond.  Biden’s Morehouse College speech, on the other hand, was telling for a very different reason.

It is graduations season, which often provides presidential candidates with an opportunity to speak to graduates.  Of course, President Biden took advantage of that when he spoke at the historic Black college, Morehouse College, in Atlanta Georgia.

Not surprisingly, Americans and their media were divided on his performance.  CNN covered the speech in this light: “Biden’s Morehouse commencement was the latest in a series of efforts undertaken by the president in recent days to both acknowledge the nation’s historic racial shortcomings while simultaneously addressing its next generation of Black leaders.”

Fox, on the other hand, wrote, “President Biden’s commencement speech at Morehouse College on Sunday sparked backlash with critics describing one part of the president’s speech as “disgusting” race baiting.”

While they addressed the politics of the speech, there was also an important message about what Joe Biden and/or his speech writers/handlers believe about the American system of government today.

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