Easter or Trans Visibility Day?

The White House has been criticized for announcing Trans Visibility Day on Easter.

The closer we get to the upheaval of the wicked, the more desperate they will become, they will call to the darkest corners, seek out dwellers of the crevices to lend them further aid! When we see the wicked behaving in this way ,, and especially on the Easter weekend, designed so that we will turn our eye to this spectacle and away from our lord Jesus Christ, they knowing and hoping our children will look at what we are looking at, let us keep our eye on our lord and be little Christ in our ways,, even as these same types of people crucified our lord and savior, He beseeched His Father to forgive them for they know not what they’re doing! They tried killing Jesus , just like they’re trying with this insipid act, they tried to cover him up with a large stone in front of His grave site, and as we all know, on the third day He arose and the Stone was rolled away, Amen Jesus said if we did not give praise and proclaim the truth, the rocks and stoned would do it. He also said He who is without sin, let them cast the first stone.. these poor creatures are trying to drag us out of the light by goading us with their petulant childish acts of insult, it is easy to see how people just like this gave Jesus Christ Vinegar when He thirst for water. We have no business with these people other than to pray this prayer: ” Jesus forgive them for they know not what they’re doing”, Amen.. Now please carry on and praise our lord for the Passion, sing, praise and dance until your shirt falls off and let our children and grandchildren turn their eyes to that!! ,, it’s something they will never forget, for a lifetime , Amen

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