Greater Love Hath No Man

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has been criticized for appearing at the funeral of a slain police officer, given her lax policies on crime.

In that we are only human, we are all imperfect. Oh! How cruel is humanity than to judge perfect their fellow man, who is as flawed. Yet, a select few in their imperfection aspire to help make a better world and take up their cross daily to do so. Sometimes they are thanked for their many sacrifices they make. Others we may never see and only their family and friends must witness. Evil has control over the talking points and thus has control over the mouths of many, causing our peace officers to experience both life and death on the tongues of the total strangers they only want to help. In a false fire when contacted by a LEO, the citizen is transformed into a mixture of Perry mason meets Thomas Jefferson, making for a nearly impossible situation for our LEO: one that could be the harbinger of death for them as the imperfect rant and rave about their rights. Ironically the LEO, even if they have to arrest that citizen, is in truth upholding their rights, up to and including their right to remain silent….

In our lack of respect, our unwillingness to judge each on an individual basis, we try and convict each LEO by the imperfections of another individual, all while demanding the LEO doesn’t do the same to the them! Those who don the uniform; right, wrong or otherwise, are the first best because they are the peace makers. They are the doers while they are judged by a cruel standard of perfection by those who sit on the sidelines or worse, they sit behind the wheel as the LEO attempts to carry out a task we expect and demand they do. And should they succumb to the unfair, unrealistic , insipid aims of the very people they serve, their only thanks could be great bodily harm or death. Should this be their fate, always remember they gave their lives trying to make this a better place. Then ask what role did we play in doing the same? Today we see yet another LEO laid to rest. We lost this LEO as a result of imperfect political ideals and imperfect politicians. Yet in his passing, in his sacrifice and leaving behind all he loved and cherished, he loved on strangers perfectly.

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