Half-Time Politics

Well allow me to explain the stage if I may? I did a show over three years ago as part of the count down that only has five months left, this event was part of a vision that I spoke on in this show. The set was a dog whistle: they stood atop, around and inside of the what?! The White House. Then when Eminem did his “Thang” that was symbolic of a mere portion of the illegals roaming our nation compliments of Joe Biden marauding the White House should it ever be occupied again by someone the Hip Hops don’t approve of, you know like say a return of President Donald J Trump.

The whole thing was rife with unsavory snatches of “We rule right here from this football field.” Thus it was given to me to do a show entitled: “LEGISLATING FROM THE NFL” (2019) Prophesy has just been fulfilled in this half time show as they dance on top of the White House, Amen this show was made in 2019 to give warning unto the people of what is to come…

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