In business it’s all about projections. How are sales tomorrow, next week, next month, this quarter? What’s the plan for next fiscal year? It’s the same thing in politics as candidates scramble to convey momentum through regularly projected financial support.

But I’m not referring to those kinds of projections.

After the talking about how the Supreme Court inspired a more “unified nation”, the President of the United States demonstrated his version of a “big tent” approach by flipping the switch on rainbow lights, projecting the colors onto the White House. It was a big, divisive in-your-face version of spiking the ball after a victory.

As we celebrate America this weekend, I’m not holding my breath to see if red, white and blue will be projected on the Executive Mansion anytime soon. In fact, there’s probably a greater chance to see the graphic images of Fidel and Raoul Castro on the building to hype the new (outrageous) Cuba policy. (To be fair, imagine what a President Trump might do with the place. More reason to stop this editorial illumination now.)

It must be good to be King. You can start each day by asking yourself, “What ‘truth’ can I use today…. and discard tomorrow, if necessary?” Just say anything, and keep pivoting to something else before the people realize what’s really going on.

In the wake of the creative White House lighting caper, there have been reports and photos of some of the partiers at the Presidential celebration enjoying having photos taken in front of the official portrait of Ronald Reagan… while flipping him “The Bird”. It’s a free country (as far as I recall at this writing), but how about a little respect for the place?

Not to be outdone, the First Lady of the United States made a big policy move this week. No it wasn’t a new hashtag campaign ala #SaveOurGirls. It was all about changing a “no photos” rule for White House tourists. Selfies are encouraged now, and social media will be available to make government and traditions even more trivial, so much for decorum.

What’s better when ignoring the Constitution than to distract people with the latest Tweet and photo?

Yes, the White House is “The People’s House”. But it doesn’t need to appear more like scenes from “Animal House”.

As we contemplate America, and re-read the Declaration of Independence this weekend (please do), what are your projections… and where are we headed now as a Nation?

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