Joe Biden’s Debate Fail

The democrats labored hard to Foist your effigy upon America to give Obama a third term and for what?! So our Nation could look like this?! On the streets of LA I saw a man pick up a can and tried to drink whatever was in it. You see it’s hot here in CA and the people are suffering. Don’t worry, I got him a clean, cold drink. The American people deserve compassion and help too, Sir! So now what was done in the dark has come to the light! The American people were clearly deceived about you, our voices stolen, Americans imprisoned without due process even as murderous (Undocumented Violent Intruders) UVI’s are released on $500 bail after murdering Americans?!

And the woke crowd think we either want or deserve more of this in your defiant tone deaf desire to run for office again?! No sir we don’t! Add this to all the other blunders of your lack luster career! Now like a petard! The democrats are stuck with you! At the onset I dubbed you “Joe Burden,” why? Because you are a burden on our nation, so now it’s time to let the democrats “run what they brung.” They “brung” you sir! And ironically in your eminent defeat we will give you what your wife won’t, you get to go home, it’s time for you to go home, for your own good and the good of this Nation.

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