How’s $15 an Hour Working out for you now?

Behold the plight of the useful Idiots, am I calling everyone useful Idiots? No, but I am pointing out those who demanded that “minimum wages” be exalted to levels that stripped profitability from COGS are useful Idiots. I am not being cruel, but the instructive lesson has harsh truth in it: those who used to tear down our captalistic machine were used by our enemies disguised as Americans for they couldn’t do it on their own without the help of our ignorant “conditioned children.”

They keep talking about how America is being transformed and all we see as part of that transformation is lack of growth and we are to just “suck it up” as part of our job in fighting “right-wing tyranny?” They speak as if what they’re doing will bring results that are just around the corner, well it’s not! What is just around the corner is World War, famine, suffering and death. Always the left says give it more time and as time passes things continue to get worse. Just how long do you think you will last in their political crucible that is burning away everything including statues and our flag?

Your death means nothing to them! They’ve proven that! Look at the crimes of former Governor Cuomo who got a walk from mass murder. Now with gas, food, housing that are growing out of reach for the normal citizens we see how Socialism and Marxism fail with each step, bringing only misery and want. But just you keep waiting for this “transition” which will simply be a transition from life to death as is the fate of all useful Idiots. You ask how do I know this? I know because all this has been tried before over and over again. Socialism and Marxism are incompatible with the free human spirit, freedom is our best state of being, that’s why America exists in the first place…

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