Injustice for Trump

Trump’s arraignment today is a perfect example of how the corrupt Democrat Party is! The weaponized government agencies and the media are acting in unison. Tuesday the 4th of April, 2023 the unthinkable has happened: a former President has been arraigned. But when the dust settles on this crime, as the sun sets, the average “WOKER” is going to go home and turn on their (Matrix Umbilical Cord) MUC aka TV or Radio to get a dose of their inoculation. Be it CNN, PBS, NPR or even CBS, those who have control over these mediums know this full well. At approximately 8 pm EST, the Matrix Media Communication System (MMCS) will have hot and ready for them to consume a subliminal message. A message that they are all powerful and it will happen this way:

1. We saw the FBI raid a former President’s home with impunity and no one was punished or fired for that, while Joe “Burden” did the same thing. Don’t think it was an accident that it came out, it was on purpose. Why? Because the only person with a consequence is President Trump.

2. A compromised DA of NYC has dared to indict a former President on frivolous issues. Even as the inept mayor all but threatens Republican members of congress for daring to come to NYC as a show of support for President Trump. Even as his emergency rooms are filled with the citizens of NYC being slaughtered in their streets or poisoned with drugs run rampant.

3. The inoculation comes by way of the second season of The FBI (International) waxing a globalist image of this agency as a salute to a one world government and salute to the NWO. In these glossy, puff piece TV series the WOKERS will be given what they desperately need as their minds wrestle with the WRONGS they see in the REAL. They will see the FBI portrayed as honorable, courageous and dedicated and who can escape reality and see something that will tell them all is well with the world. That our globalist elite police, aka the FBI, is good and we are safe.

I am pretty sure I coined this the very day the FBI raided Mar-A-Lago: Fascist Bureau of Intimidation. I will check my photos of our rally in front of the Riverside city FBI office. But never forget the reality of the FBI, The NYC DA and others like him across America and don’t let Hollyweird work their magic on you. Resist the lies of the Matrix Media Communication System. For now this is the best level of mind control that they can do as META draws the people in deeper, until they can perfect PODS.

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