Is Social Credit Coming to the US?

[penci_text_block heading=”I Told You So”]When someone starts off with “I told you so!” Chances are whatever they shared was about the “big I and the little you.” If someone wanted to share something with you is for your benefit, if you listened and benefitted from it they should be pleased. But if you didn’t listen and that danger still exists, well that person will love to share the information again in hopes you will heed that warning. Use the information to save yourself and your loved ones. I have offered this same clip actually for over two years, it was pulled down by the big three saying it went against their standards. IG, Twitter, and Facebook it has since been up on you tube for over a year now. I’m surprised. What I posted was a video clip I named “TIK TOK America Times Almost up.” In the video I warn that TIK TOK is an information gathering system to make the cyber intrusion Into Americans lives more robust. Add facial recognition systems to that and the decay of respect for our civil rights. Watch the clip and see for yourself:[/penci_text_block]
[penci_text_block heading=”TikTok America”][/penci_text_block]
[penci_text_block heading=”I Warned You”]I said and of course warned that as our nation’s time waned the Democrats would introduce in America the idea of “Social Credit.” A system by which the Chinese Communist Government ties what people can do, buy, and where they can travel to their support for the Communist Party’s agenda. I could do a long expansion on this, but that would sound too much like I told you so and I’m not here to do that. I’m here to share lifesaving Information once again before it’s too late. Here after two years of warning, are new articles that support my prophetic word and the video tape I hope you will share with any and everyone. If something needed to go viral it would be this video clip. The clock is ticking and history is looking at you. Share this video clip in hopes that we may protect Americans from what is to come? TIK TOK AMERICA TIMES ALMOST UP .[/penci_text_block]
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