Joe Biden Sends His Wife to a War Zone

I hold respect for women who lead and I truly believe that in administrative leadership roles they can do and be anything a man can be or do. One of the best leaders I worked for was a woman! I admired her leadership style and mentoring. Having said that, Ukraine is a war zone! Why did Joe Biden send his wife, First Lady Jill Biden to Ukraine! A war is being waged there by one of the deadliest leaders of the 21st century: Vladimir Putin – aka Vlad The Impaler. The left has used this passion play on us showing Putin is capable of killing mother’s and babies in a hospital and in the streets.

The Men and leaders of Europe have asked for Joe Biden to come as have all the other Men who are arrayed against this invasion as all the men await Joe Biden’s arrival he sends his wife instead. The position of First Lady is an honorary title she is not an elected representative of our government. I understand that Lady Bird Johnson used her position skillfully, even aiding the cause of moving civil rights for blacks forward. But that was an act of kindness a gesture done on home soil. Sending this first lady to Ukraine, the risk to the life of the First lady was so great… Any Man would have opted to go himself rather than expose his wife to such a threat, but not Joe Biden! What kind of man does that?!

The only one real or imagined man of such character that I saw do this was a King of England better know as “Long Shanks” from the famed movie Braveheart (Edward I). What if her trip had been leaked? Oh that’s right, that could only have happened if it were First lady Trump. Did Joe Biden use his wife in cowardly fashion to hide his machinations too?! We can not abide much more of this dread king America! Not only is he an uber Bigot, Racist, and Traitor we can now add the title coward to his name…

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