Joe Biden’s SOTU was Full of Lies

Biden’s SOTU ratings were up as Americans looked, desperately, for leadership. What they heard was a snide, senile, old man with no direction to offer.

Well, those who want to believe a certain thing only need something to stand on. Sadly, those through either willful acts or ignorance that are destroying our nation only needed that nasty cheese and red meat Joe “Burden” spewed out in the gallery and they became clapping seals barking “four more years!” “Abort unborn Americans;” “Let the western gates fall!” “Resupply Israel’s greatest enemy;” “threaten the supreme court!” NEWSFLASH! If that terrible wreck of a man Biden squats over the white house again, America doesn’t have four more years. I would give it two tops!

Truth be told, when I closed my eyes and just listened to him, all I heard was the snark of Obama! And when I opened my eyes I began to question if that was even the real Joe Biden in the gallery; it was like Milli Vanilli in white face! Felt fake! The lies were real, buy everything else was fake, false, and filled with false fire!

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