Kamala Harris and the Politics of CRT

Vice President Kamala Harris recently raised concerns over Florida’s state curriculum after the removal of small amount of CRT content.

Hell I almost fell for it too! That idiot Kamala Harris’ expended the last of her credibility stumping for the Uber Bigot Racist traitor #JoeBurden. After all she is the little girl on the school bus right? And nothing good came from her exposure to racism right? Once I looked into it more, I understand the intent and meaning of it and it was meant to be a salute to the indomitable spirit of man that resides in all of us. Thereby evidencing and reminding us all that black slaves endured unthinkable horrors.

Still, as can be seen in all races of humanity the black human being was able to improvise, modify, and adapt, which is a testimony to all humankind. Thankfully, slavery was brought to an end in this country at great cost. I suspect that once this is clearly explained, if one continues to view this as a negative it is spurred on by political expedience and a dislike of Gov. Ron DeSantis. None of this would have happened if CRT wasn’t the alternative.

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