Michelle Obama’s Fears for the 2024 Election

In a recent podcast interview the former First Lady expressed fears about what could happen in the 2024 presidential election. “I am terrified about what could possibly happen,” she told listeners. Mrs. Obama also said it keeps her up at night.

Why? What are you scared of? That blacks will stop dying in record numbers over senseless murders? Or maybe you are afraid housing prices will go down for blacks? That illegal immigration will be stopped? Or are you afraid the antisemitism will be ended? What could you be afraid of? That all the wars will stop and radical Islam will be controlled? When you look at the world your husband made with his divisive input and puppet mastery of Joe Burden (Biden); what could you possibly be afraid of? The world is a mess so you must be afraid it will be put back to right. You are a sad excuse for a black leader. Your input is what we have now, which is nothing! Shame on you for speaking this way. Oh, wait! Wasn’t it you that said you were ashamed of America? But now you are not? You call evil good and good evil. Your words laid against the world’s condition exposes you as a fraud and harm to the black race.

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