Remembering George Floyd’s Death in Context

I can never unsee the last minutes of this man’s life. It embarrassed humanity and was ugly indeed! No matter the cause of death which can span all the way from his career criminal lifestyle and karma to the possibility he was murdered. No one deserves to have their last minutes on this earth aggravated by cruel human indifference. Now having said that, using this man in effigy in the manner in which those with political agendas are using him, has no positive upside or unifying properties for this nation. The content of his character is jettisoned because the color of his skin has more value to someones agenda! I warned from minutes after I examine the video and days before it would be discovered: I said: “Chauvin and Floyd knew each other!” (It was later discovered both worked together as bouncers at a night club together). In addition I said if indeed he was murdered regardless to the methodology, and despite the easy optic of “black man killed by white cop,” this wasn’t the motivation for this horrible act! The covering up of a Laotian Counterfeit ring was and sadly those who use race as the reason. They need race as the means to their ends and so did not allow a proper investigation. They answered in the only way a “conditioned mob” knows how to respond, with death and destruction of course! Leaving in it’s wake death and devastation that can not be justified by this unqualified judge and jury of the streets and their cursory findings!!

Even as the race hustlers drolled on and on about “Injustice” to perpetuate even more power from the optic of racism, to their delight America is being humiliated by those who would lionize such a man like George Floyd. Even in the faces of the victims he left behind and truly worthy heroes being unsung and thereby mocking true justice!! The $20 Dollar bill, oh we almost forgot all about the counterfeit $20 bill and my warnings this wasn’t race related that this was nothing more than a “wiseguy” being loyal to his cartel and snuffing out what could have been a witness for the prosecution in (George Floyd) to one of the largest stings of an international crime ring,. Chauvin took one for the team!! Because he knew the first question that would be put to Mr. Floyd is: “Where did you get that $20 dollar bill from?!”

Now we will never know will we? That question was never asked of him. Remember I said based on all I saw that this was nothing more than a “latino-Asian” Baltimore based, Laos to Baltimore cartel possibly stemming from the night club where Chauvin and Floyd both worked? Now wouldn’t it interest you to know that weeks after this terrible incident a shipment of millions of dollars worth of counterfeit $20 dollar bills was interdicted coming out of Laos headed for where?! That’s right! You guessed it! Baltimore!! Behind the scenes that $20 dollar bill was possibly followed up and that’s why the shipment was stopped. But here in the black community, blacks are “allowed” to praise this man, exalt this man, because he is a martyr to their beliefs a new golden calf if you will. When in truth if those same people joined with their fellow Americans and saw only the content of the character of both Chauvin and Floyd. Our nation could have been spared much loss of life and treasure, because instead of seeing racial strife, we would all have seen just two thugs doing what thugs do, one was nothing but a rat that stole counterfeit $20 dollar bills from the cartel and the other a crooked cop who worked for the cartel and became a “Made man” by silencing that “Tough guy.” Then he took the wrap for it! Poor America shall we be this easy to defeat? With racial divisions?! Are we the generation that shall fulfill prophecy?! by calling good evil and evil good!?

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

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