Smile is Woke

**WARNING** READ THIS AND SHARE IT WHILE IT REMAINS UP!! I won’t be cryptic this time even if it costs me my page! Listen to me carefully: DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS MOVIE!! Spread the word as fast as you can! Smile is a horror movie based on the premise that a smile is now evil and is the last thing the possessed will show you before they kill you. This movie is part of the META, Pre-Matrix mind control of our children. Even the Brookings institution writes about how damaging these mask have been to our children’s ability to develop as the human face is part of that development. Making people wear mask these past few years has damaged the normal social growth in our children click this link.

So since the left’s masks are coming off, that means a level of control over the populace is coming off too. They concoct this piece of mind controlling pablum and try to slip it in as just another Halloween Scary movie. Please don’t make it that easy for them. THIS IS NOT Just another Halloween season movie and here’s why: Through out the evolution of man, our first encounters with strange humans hinged on the slightest things a gesture, a stance and yes even our facial expressions, a smile is a universal sign of friendliness a way to show that our intentions are harmless. Facial features transcend the spoken language and can often be a bridge to a more meaningful relationship when not abused with an idea of deceit. We all accept Hollywood is owned and controlled by those doing the most harm to our nation and so now that the mask are coming off our children, they offer our children this??!!

Don’t let them harm our children’s peace of mind and normal mental well being. Our children, we ourselves, and the rest of America are finally regaining some measure of control over our own lives. We can breathe a little easier, look at one another’s faces again, and “Smile”….

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