The Long Road Ahead for the MAGA Movement

Out of office, having survived a second bogus impeachment trial, and still popular after a long effort to defame him for, well, just about every imagined slight one could conjure; Donald Trump remains a formidable political force. The Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement he has come to lead, and the values he has come to embody, remain popular but supporters have a long road ahead to restore the movement. Trump is slowly gearing up for the 2022 Midterm and it is time to make that election an electoral massacre of the far left. The 2024 election is not far off either. With a little patience and shrewd opposition, the MAGA movement will soldier on to further victories.

Effective Opposition

President Trump has been out of office not two full months and already he is setting the chess board for the coming elections. Donald Trump retains the loyal support of the Republican voting base, most of the elected GOP officers, and he is well positioned for the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary. Getting to that point is going to be a slog. It is going to feel like a long, knock down-drag out fight to reclaim America from the American left and the elitist billionaires pulling their strings. Nevertheless, voters are having serious remorse about the Biden Presidency. A Rasmussen poll of likely voters found that half of likely voters are uncertain Biden has the faculties to be President. Only 37% of likely voters think Biden will be reelected. Likewise, the same low number of people (37%) think the country is headed in the right direction. Between Biden’s policies that are far left of the moderate he was portrayed to be in the campaign and kowtowing to billionaire elites on the one hand and failure to deliver extreme left campaign promises on the other; Biden is losing support from every quarter.

In terms of offering stiff opposition, the GOP and the MAGA movement have already begun to stifle the far-left agenda in Congress. Mitch McConnell may not be especially popular among the party rank and file at the moment, but he is doing his job. With the support of just two Democrats he has preserved the 60 vote cloture rule that requires the consent of the Senate minority to consider most legislation. McConnell has also pushed amendments to reduce the harm several Democrat bills might have done to the already injured national economy. For once, Republican voters have a party that is actually offering real opposition. We can all thank Donald Trump for that, it was he who surgically implanted a spine in the GOP leadership.

Supporters listen as President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally, Thursday, Jan. 9, 2020, in Toledo, Ohio. (AP Photo/ Jacquelyn Martin)

With the margins so close in the Senate, the Democrats could lose control of that body at any moment. Several aging Democrat Senators in poor health hail from states with Republican governors. If someone, G-d forbid, should succumb to illness or old age, the Senate majority could right then return to the Republicans before the Midterms. In any case, the Democrats have already crammed through legislation to make mail in voting a permanent fixture in an effort to rig future elections along the lines of the 2020 debacle. Legislation is already pending to amnesty large numbers of illegal immigrants in another foolish effort by the left to tip the scales of future elections in their favor. Republicans will have to resist these initiatives to restore faith in our election system and ensure fair and legal outcomes in the future.

In Georgia and Arizona legislation is already moving forward that will help to protect future elections. In Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, the other trouble states, Democrat governors stand as obstacles to such reform efforts. The 2022 election will afford Republicans an opportunity to unseat these governors over their mishandling of virus lockdowns and the election irregularities. Then, in 2023 legislation securing elections will help to prevent in 2024 a repeat of last year’s ballot stuffing. This is not how your father’s GOP operated. They surrendered before each battle was even waged. Even when conservatives made a stand in the past, it would not last for long. When one expects defeat that is how events will ultimately unfold. Trump showed Republicans how to make a fight of it, and so the fight goes on.

Speaking of fight and lockdowns, embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is being pressured to resign over his lockdown policies and his #MeToo allegations. A recall election is likely to be called against California Governor Gavin Newsom. In California, this is the second Democrat governor to be recalled in as many decades! It is not a long-shot to believe that the GOP can take down these terrible Democrat governors before the 2022 Midterm Elections. In Midterms competitive elections do tend to lean against the party holding office in the White House. Incumbency is also very powerful and governors have a way of being reelected. Who will prevail? That will be up to voters. GOP voters will need to turn out in force.

The 2022 Midterms

The Republicans are just a single seat away from control of the US Senate. As described above, a Senate vacancy could shift control of the body to the GOP. Republicans are defending the lion’s share of seats in 2022, but there are opportunities to gain at least a single seat while defending all of the existing seats. Georgia is an especially tempting Senate race where openly communist and antisemitic Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) will seek a full term in the Senate. The GOP has retiring Senators in five states but three of these, Alabama, Missouri, and Ohio are fairly safe. North Carolina, and Pennsylvania are likely to be the most competitive. Democrats face tough elections in Georgia and Arizona wherein narrow wins in prior Senate special elections have produced vulnerable short-term incumbents in competitive states. A gain in either, and the successful defense of other GOP seats, would restore Republican control of the Senate.

2022 Senate Races

In the House of Representatives, the Democrat majority is down to just five seats. In a normal midterm election the GOP could stand to gain ten to fifteen seats. A more significant swing could be in the making given right-leaning voter outrage over the events of 2020. It should be a fairly easy matter for the GOP to reclaim the House and establish a strong House majority for the future. Thus, the 2022 Midterm Election could see several Democrat governors unseated and restored Republican majorities in both houses of Congress without much effort. Yet, President Trump is only just gearing up. He plans to fire up his supporters and drive headlong into these elections.

The Democrats are the main target, naturally, but he will also be looking to rid the party of those weak-willed RINOs (Republican In Name Only) who plague on the party. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) are the chief target of this ire. Cheney’s vote to impeach in January was the most painful of the ten GOP Representatives who sold out their voters that day. Her leadership position, as House GOP number 3, makes her vote in this instance a terrible affront to the party voting base. Murkowski has been a weak vote for some time. She only narrowly survived a GOP primary loss in 2010 by winning a write-in campaign. Unfortunately, Alaska has a new election law that may rig the election so as to benefit Murkowski. Ridding the GOP of these two RINOs would stand as a powerful symbol that the GOP belongs to the MAGA Movement.

Looking Forward to 2024

With the GOP standing firm in opposition for the next two years, with President Trump gearing up for a tough Midterm election, and with key legislatures attempting to secure future elections, Republicans are taking the steps necessary to achieve victory. It is still going to be a long wait until November next, and the following January when the next Congressional session begins. If the efforts afoot now are successful and a fair election is possible, then the 2024 election could very well see the national vindication of the MAGA movement.

If he seeks the nomination, Donald Trump will almost certainly win the top of the GOP ticket. If he chooses not to run, the nominee is almost certainly going to be his hand-picked successor. There are several choices in that regard, who would also make excellent running mates, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. President Trump is likely to run, however, because he is a fighter, because he has been wronged, and because he stands the best chance of success. Much like the underdog campaigns of Grover Cleveland in the late 19th Century that lead him to his two non-consecutive terms, Trump has a great opportunity to upset the establishment and the elites.

Some Republicans have expressed the opinion that perhaps a more seasoned, well spoken, and professional candidate would be the best choice for the GOP in 2024, a new face. The problem with such an approach, is that it plays into the hands of the Democrats and their allies in the media. Who could have been a more professional and polished political personality than Mitt Romney? He is erudite, well spoken, and while somewhat lacking in charisma, he was as professional and upright a candidate as the GOP every placed at the top of its ticket. Nevertheless, the left and the media demonized him as a mean man who killed some poor worker’s wife because she lacked healthcare coverage and he had transported his dog on top of his car. In other words, if we nominate a polite and professional candidate, they will eviscerate him/her just the same. Why not nominate a fighter who speaks plainly, if bellicosely, and who doesn’t allow the left to get away with such antics?

In the 2024 election it is best to seek to reverse the effects of the fraudulent 2020 election by restoring Trump to office. What could be more just? If you think the left cried over the 2016 election result, wait until November 2024! Joe Biden is already busy disappointing those who actually cast legal votes for him. Between disappointment in the Biden Administration and the memory of the grand economic times under the Trump Administration, voters will know what to do. This is still going to be a long and difficult battle, one worth the hardship and patience required to achieve victory. It is time to roll up our sleeves and start to work!

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