The Martyrdom of Saint Greta

In recent years, the proponents of Climate Change have begun to sound more and more like a religious cult than a political pseudoscientific movement, as they have in the recent past. Like any millenarian movement (a group anticipating the end of the world), they scold everyone that the end is nigh and we must repent of our sins or face damnation. This cult of Climate Marxism is now replete with its own priests, prophets, and even saints. In language that waxes puritanical they condemn anyone who dissents from their cause as a heathen. This movement recently paraded out Saint Greta Thunberg, their latest front girl, a teenager who spoke with energy and passion, tears in her eyes, and zeal in her heart as she attempted to correct world leaders present at the United Nations (Click Here to Watch). What is this zealous, puritanical new religion?

Saint Greta

At the United Nations recently, and not for the first time, a young advocate of socialism spoke out with passion and vitriol in her voice. St. Greta spread the gospel of Climate Change about the environmental sins of mankind and the need to repent. She harangued world leaders for their lack of faith: “How dare you!” She demanded that all mankind embrace the green agenda, since the end of the world is nigh if they do not. Young St. Greta called the hope for sustained economic growth a “fantasy,” arguing that economically devastating “green” policies are the necessary alternative.

One can be forgiven for wondering why we are all being fed this show of emotion, anger, and tears, for a cause that is supposed to be an indisputable matter of scientific fact. A young girl appears to us to tell us of her lost childhood, of her misery, and of the terrible fate that awaits her generation. Why are we being presented with this saintly martyr instead of a rational appeal to reasonable minds? Perhaps there is no longer a rational appeal? Climate change continues to fall as a priority among western voters who have become increasingly aware that the policies associated with climate change lead to fewer jobs, higher taxes, and much higher energy costs. For working class westerners and especially for Americans there are no benefits and many ills to these policies.

Thus, Saint Greta is trotted out to appeal to our emotions. How can we ignore her heartfelt and passionate appeal? How can we ever forgive ourselves for ignoring her call to faith? Why is humanity forsaking her by failing to kneel to her belief in the coming end of days? While this rhetoric is thinly veiled in pseudoscientific language about a coming mass extinction due to human carbon output, it has all taken on the character of a religious cult. Like any world religion it has its prophets, saints, and icons. Its followers’ zealotry should not be underestimated. Greta’s parents, for example, have allowed their mentally ill child (Greta is autistic) to become a spectacle and make a scene before the entire world. If these were Christian parents sending their daughter to make an appeal to Christian morality, the western Left would scream in unison that this is child abuse and would call immediately for the child to be removed from the home.

This dystopian millenarian movement has been peddled to the youth of the Western World. The Cult of Climate Marxism is literally driving Western children to suicide: young people are more depressed than ever, and suicide rates are higher than previous generations. It would seem the leaders of this new faith group love their political agenda more than they love their own children.

Former Vice President Al Gore whose predictions about the effects of Global Warming have proven false.

The Climate Marxists are using St Greta, shaming their opponents into submission. The priests of Climate Marxism, from Father Al Gore to Sister Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, go out preaching the gospel of a coming man-made catastrophe. They have spent billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money, made themselves famous, wealthy, and powerful, and spread their religious iconography across the map. Move over Nigerian princes, this is a scam of epic proportions!

Wind turbines and solar panels, the key so-called “renewable” energy sources, never produce more energy in their lifetime of operation than it cost to construct them in the first place. Imagine if someone asked you to do a job that would cost you $10,000 and offered to pay you $9,000; would you take this job? Who would?! Yet this is the proposition behind “green” energy. Worse still, to those of us who are truly concerned for mankind’s stewardship of wildlife and natural resources, these turbines and solar panels kill over half a million birds and nearly a million bats each year in the United States alone. Bats are essential to pest control in the country’s farmlands, which happens to be where most of these turbines are placed. Since they produce nothing of value they are essentially religious icons placed all over the land as reminders of the faith. What of our nation’s longstanding tradition of the separation of church and state?

Climate Communism

Have you ever wondered why the solution to climate change is always more government? How will growing government and surrendering our G-d given rights, our prosperity, and our freedom to a pantheon of self-righteous leftist elites solve the climate crisis? The answer is, it won’t and that is not the point. United States carbon output has essentially flat-lined in recent decades. Air pollution is down in large part due to the efforts of the private sector. Changes in fuel types are also helping: natural gas, for example, produces electricity more cleanly than coal. This is the power of capitalism: the private markets must answer to the will of consumers. If consumers demand cleaner skies and greener manufacturing processes, the producers must satisfy that need. Thus, as Americans have become more ecologically aware, our consumer choices have driven the private sector to clean up its act. Meanwhile, China produces much more carbon than the United States and India and China together produce ever increasing output year over year. Why has the emphasis of climate change not shifted to these countries?

The Climate Marxists do not appear to care about the actual carbon outputs, their cause is an excuse to establish socialism in the West. Why did St. Greta refer to the prospect of perpetual economic growth as a “fantasy?” This is classic Marxist rhetoric. There has been sustained economic growth in the Western World since the end of the Wars of the Roses.  If this was the case for the past five centuries, why should we expect any change? In the coming years a vast middle class will arise in Africa and Southeast Asia.  As those economies slowly develop, Africans and Southeast Asians will afford ever more valuable finished goods from the West, while producing less expensive goods for export that hold down the cost of living in the West. A billion people in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, and all over the world stand to benefit from the dominant capitalist economic system that America has built. A billion people who are black and brown, minority groups the left hold up as victims of white racist overloardship. By seeking to destroy the largest driving consumer economies, these Climate Marxists are trying to keep all of these people in desperate poverty. Yet, when one challenges their dogmas the label of racist is cast liberally at the critic.

Global Carbon output by nation as a percentage of the total.

The Prophet

When Karl Marx wrote his infamous Communist Manifesto he could not imagine that he was assigning his name to a movement that would, within the century following his death, claim many nations, rise to challenge the world’s greatest power in the Cold War, slowly decline, and collapse spectacularly. Over 100 million people died, hundreds of millions more were terribly oppressed, and there is no way to measure the whole sum of human suffering caused by this ideology/religion.

In his book “Marxism: A View From America,” the mid-20th Century American Scholar Clinton Rossiter contrasts the Marxist belief system and its ideals with those of the American ideology of Liberty. Rossiter continues to loom as a giant over the intellectual field of American history and civics. Scholarship since his time has been so poor, sullied with Marxism and “woke” revisionism as it has often been, that the United States has yet to generate a scholar who is his equal, let alone his better. On page 201 of Marxism: A View From America at the bottom of the page, Rossiter concludes:

“It is no whimsical accident of history but an ineluctable incident of Marxism that it should have worked an influence upon the twentieth century comparable to that of a new world religion.”

On page 202, Rossiter speaks of Marx’s unwillingness to compromise and his total indifference to the arguments many of his fellow socialists who preached tolerance and moderation:

“Exactly because [Marx] was so deaf to the appeal to reason and tolerance, he will be remembered by history as the prophet of a faith rather than the founder of a science.”

Rossiter notes in this book contrasting the two systems that one difficulty in debating Marxists is the absolute certainty and confidence, akin to the certainty of faith, they have in their system. Given the results achieved by socialism in all its forms and communism in particular even by the 1950’s, only the truly faithful would tie themselves to such a horrible belief system. The apologists of Marxism speak with zeal that their system is the best: a world led by enlightened Marxist elites, they argue, will produce a more equal world devoid of stratification and want. Yet, when even the most benign and well-meaning Marxists come to power: poverty, privation, starvation, and intense human misery follow the implementation of their policies. This is the inevitable result of Marxism everywhere and every time it is attempted. A student of history could be forgiven for thinking Marxism merely a post-industrial system of feudalism wherein noble lords watch “benevolently” over their serfs. Indeed, the cult of Climate Marxism today bears an uncanny resemblance to the historical Catholic Church and its one-time universal system of feudalism (no offense intended to practitioners of Catholicism).

Mass grave overseen by Soviet Soldiers in Ukraine circa 1933.
The deliberate mass starvation of Ukrainians is called the Holodormor.

Communism as established in the Soviet Union had no appeal to Americans in the 1950’s and 60’s who enjoyed substantial prosperity in the post-war era. Marxists in America thus turned to a concept developed by the Frankfurt School called Cultural Marxism (no it is not an antisemitic conspiracy theory). The idea was to sneak socialism in the back door by spreading it through Western culture surreptitiously. By the 1960’s the spoiled brats who resulted from the post-war Baby Boom fell easy prey to Cultural Marxists. Peace signs, hippies, and drugs spread in a counter-culture premised upon the pursuit of very uncapitalist goals. Young people no longer sought prosperity, but free love, art, and environmentalism.

Unfortunately for Cultural Marxists, these hippies were not devoted enough. The appeal of capitalism eventually overtook even the Baby Boomer generation and by the 1980’s this lot were founding computer companies, working long hours, and building their stock portfolios. Cultural Marxists continued to seek new inroads into the minds of the young. Environmentalism has proven an easy avenue. Here the cause was to save the Earth itself and all the life it supports from evil capitalists who are polluting it. The fall of institutional Communism in the 1990’s also necessitated a course change for western leftists. The new goal is to save the environment by reversing capitalism. If you hear George Orwell’s Big Brother of 1984 call for the “elimination of the orgasm,” you are spot on. Communists seek causes they can use to validate and justify the human misery they cause; Orwell’s more off-the-wall example was given only to demonstrate the ridiculousness of these meaningless causes.

The Cult of Climate Marxism

Marxism as an ideology/religion uses crises as opportunities. If no crisis arises, Marxists will invent one. In 1917 Russia was a mess having exhausted itself in a war of its own making. Tzar Nicholas II abdicated and the Kerensky Republic that replaced him tried to stay in the war. The starving Russians could be forgiven for turning, in small but substantial numbers, to radical leftists like Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks who promised a quick end to the conflict. It was not long before the crumbling war effort created the opportunity that brought these revolutionaries to power. The horrors that followed were predicable, following on the pattern of the French Revolution. Anyone who had read the works of Edmund Burke could set the benchmarks and call out the next steps, each in turn.

Tens of millions went to their deaths in purge after purge. Entire cities were bombarded into rubble. Millions of Ukrainians were deliberately starved to death in the Holodormor, and the terrible unimaginable horror goes on and on from there. Sadly, Russians suffered 80 years of terrible oppression because of a small number of zealous Marxist leaders of questionable mental health. So far, Communism has never arisen in any prosperous stable country with a healthy, contented populace. Again, this underscores the need for leftists to invent a crisis so terrible that it would justify exchanging prosperity for misery. Thus began the search for a plausible crisis.

Paul Ehrlich whose alarmism about overpopulation was used to argue for the restriction of reproductive rights.

An early Saint of pseudoscience, Paul Ehrlich, tried the idea of overpopulation in the 1960’s. He proposed that if the population continued to grow out of control the world would face mass starvation by 1970. Ehrlich, who conceived of this theory in his study of butterfly populations, applied the Malthusian, anti-Darwinian notion that the Earth has fixed available resources and that population is a function of birth rates. Eventually, the Earth’s resources would reach their limits and humanity would begin to starve. Ehrlich was soon forced to move his timetables back to 1980, then the 90’s and eventually the year 2000. Each time, as mankind approached its predicted doomsday, humanity was confronted instead with increasing food production, lower food costs, and continued prosperity; far from the predicted doom. Yet, nothing less than the theft of all humanity’s reproductive rights was sought by Saint Ehrlich and his apologists. Millions of people were murdered by leftist regimes and human rights in China were curtailed (the one-child policy) using overpopulation as a justification. While Ehrlich belongs with Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot in the pantheon of the advocates of mass murder, he continues to be a celebrated Saint of the western left.

Whether it is overpopulation, the ozone layer, ocean pollution, the want of drinking water, or any number of other pseudoscientific crises pitched to the public over the years, we have been told again and again that the sky is falling and that the world will end if mankind does not repent of its capitalist sins. Again and again, the predictions prove patently false and life goes on. What other mechanism but faith could continue to offer credibility to these false prophets of doom?

By 1989, we were introduced by these Marxists to the notion that the world would end due to a new phenomenon: Global Warming. In the late 1970’s average global temperatures had been in continued decline for 30 years prompting concerns of a renewed global ice age. These fears melted away in the early 1980’s as temperatures began to rise again, naturally. It had been noted by scientists that carbon, when released into the atmosphere seems to have the effect of reflecting heat back toward the planet’s surface. This is part of a complex natural weather system that is incredibly difficult to study and understand let alone predict. Nevertheless, it was too good an opportunity to pass up for Cultural Marxists: here was an chance to attack capitalism for the ultimate original sin: endangering all life on Earth. So began anew the predictions of doom.

By the year 2000 the world would end because of rapidly rising global temperatures. The year 2000 came and went and all was well. Father Al Gore predicted the arctic ice caps would melt by 2014 submerging the Maldives and most of Florida beneath rising sea levels. Apparently Father Al has never watched the ice melt in his sweet tea: the glass does not overflow. So 2014 came and went and there are still arctic ice caps and Antarctic ice is actually expanding. Again and again the deadline has been moved back, now until 2030. When 2030 has passed we will be told the mass extinction is still just ten or twenty years off. How many times are we expected to fall for this malfeasant intellectual prank?

The climate is a complex system affected by many phenomena from sunspots to ocean currents, from winds to atmospheric carbon levels. In fact, Helio-astronomers, who study the sun, are predicting a mini ice age in the 21st Century due to a dearth of sunspots similar to the Maunder Minimum. Climate, it would seem, is not governed solely by the activities of mankind. Could humanity have a negative effect on the climate? Perhaps and a true scientist will tell you that is a matter for further long-term study. A Climate Marxist, who may also masquerade as a scientist, will tell you the world is coming to an end. How do they know this is the case? Why they have complex computer models that clearly demonstrate the coming doom.

Computer models, however, cannot possibly account for all of the variables. In many cases, these models produce a “hockey stick” output no matter what temperature data is entered. It is almost as if the “scientist” who created the model knew the output he or she wanted before any data was entered. In a recent case, a Climate Marxist pseudoscientist refused to reveal his mysteries to the uninitiated when the court called upon him to reveal the methods behind his computer models. If his model was sound, what did he have to fear from an objective examination? Perhaps his mysteries were like the religious relics of old that were purported to heal the sick or increase fertility. None of these models account for the impact of sunspots, for example, and it is impossible for them to consider all of the minute details of the complex climate system.

Global temperatures were warmer during the Roman Empire than they are now. When Chaucer wrote his Canterbury Tales, his family wealth was in wine making.  Yes, they were growing grapes in England six centuries ago, quite impossible now. Somehow, life on Earth continued in spite of these higher temperatures. It is also true that plants consume carbon and India and China are greener today than they were in the past due to their higher levels of carbon. Do these climate models account for the increased carbon consumption of plant life as atmospheric carbon levels increase? Until average global temperatures reach the higher levels they have been in the recent past and begin to exceed them, we will not know if there is any negative impact on the environment. But these facts and considerations are irrelevant to the devoted Climate Marxists: they are committed to their faith.

Crosses Across the Land

Imagine for a moment, if the same approach Climate Marxists took were applied objectively to some other crisis and another faith group? In the interests of honesty this thought experiment is worth more than a few words. There are computer models today that predict the decline of western populations because of low birth rates. These are produced by demographers who are real scientists like any others. This is the natural result of lower birth rates. It means less available laborers and individuals of military age and an aging population with higher healthcare costs. These are affects that are matters for further long-term study. It might be a good notion for America to encourage higher domestic birth rates as many other western countries are already doing.

Suppose for a moment, however, we gathered together a number of devout Christians who happened to have science degrees and they developed computer models that showed western population decline would soon cause economic collapse? Western societies will cease to exist in a century if we do not act now! we only have a decade to reverse the lower birth rates or we are doomed! People need to flock to churches, restore traditional values, and start having more children or we will all suffer! The computer models clearly demonstrate the crisis and our scientists have proven it is real; the debate is over the science is settled! Does this sound ridiculous? Then why does the alarmism of Climate Marxists not sound equally ridiculous?

With thousands of religious icons erected to Climate Marxism around the country I demand that other faiths be given fair and equal treatment. Although I am not a Christian, they certainly have been maltreated if another faith has consumed billions of dollars in taxpayer’s money. We need to erect tens of thousands of 200 foot tall crosses across the land, one for each wind turbine. If there are holes cut in them in the right places, they can even become habitats for birds and bats making them more ecologically friendly than wind turbines. They will serve as reminders of morality and uprightness for everyone. In that way, these giant crosses will actually be of greater benefit to our society than any solar panel or wind turbine ever could. There is a stronger argument for the placement of the crosses than ever existed for the erection of wind turbines, which are so costly and destructive.

Groom, Texas is home to a cross nearly 200 feet tall.

Late is the Hour of Our Awakening

Americans, and all westerners, should have recognized the Climate Marxist Cult for what it was years ago. It has been plainly obvious to see for some time that their predictions never come close to being true. Nevertheless, there has never been a better time to awaken and become wise to this scam. The Climate Marxists have generated false alarmism about a crisis that, if real, requires long-term study. They have depressed a generation of western youngsters depriving them of a happy childhood and given them a lifetime of misery instead. It is time to recognize this faith group for what it is and begin to ignore their rhetoric and their petty emotional appeals to faith. If you want to believe in a religion that says the world is ending, that is your choice. No one has the right to take away anyone’s freedom of speech, liberty, or right to prosper.

Billions of human beings are hoping for the opportunity to enjoy the prosperity Americans have created, how dare these Climate Marxists seek to disenfranchise them! It is time to move on. Prosperity, freedom, and reasonable stewardship of the environment have already led mankind into an unprecedented golden age. It is this reality that creates desperation in the cult of Climate Marxism. It is for this reason that we see the young martyr, St Greta, speaking hatefully on the world stage about matters she clearly does not understand to warn western societies of our sins and the need to repent and avert looming apocalypse. Sorry, St Greta, we are not buying it. Scream and tantrum all you want, call to the faithful, and rant about your dystopian fantasies… Those of us who value our freedom and our right to practice our faiths or no faith at all by our own free will are not going to bow down. False prophets of doom are not to be heeded. Let us enjoy the dawning era of freedom, prosperity, and opportunity with a clear conscience.

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