What If Black Lives Really Mattered?

Across the United States, protests have erupted, led, in part, by the organization called Black Lives Matter. Why does this organization only protest the deaths of African-Americans who are killed by law enforcement? There is a neo-Marxist political agenda it follows, an attempt to break down social traditions and authority structures that could stand in the way of leftist power. Calls have gone out now to defund and disband police departments, for example. The usual left-wing rants have returned about how America is irredeemably racist and how we have to “dismantle the institutions of white supremacy.” (This can be read as all traditional authority structures from government to religion). Just for a moment, let us ponder what it would be like if the protestors and their political backers really believed that all black lives mattered? If the focus was on protecting the lives and property of African-Americans and improving their lot.

Decades of Poverty

When the United States gained its independence most of the northern states ended slavery, as the king had previously forbidden them to do. Freed northern blacks of that generation had to start from scratch. They formed strong communities and worked together to improve their lot in life. African-American men often went to work on the docks and at sea. Black women generally continued in domestic work, but as employees. The financial reforms of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton created a period of broad prosperity throughout the United States in the 1790’s. Soon, blacks were prospering like everyone else. Black owned stores opened, black churches provided charity to their neighbors, and education and hard work were prioritized. It wasn’t long before black owned banks were founded and the community flourished.

Northern states and localities soon began to enact laws intended to disenfranchise blacks. These laws peaked in the early 1820’s. America, as founded, held the promise of dignity and prosperity for African-Americans. Both were robbed by plunderers who feared the competition from this hard-working community–plunderers who used power over government the oppress a racial minority.

Racism arose in that era, an ideology that darker colored people were somehow inferior to whites. In fact, African slaves were brought to the New World precisely because they are genetically superior to whites – they are generally physically stronger and immune to many of the diseases that killed European immigrants to the New World en masse. In time, Americans grew tired of tolerating slavery and the American Civil War arose to snuff it out. Unfortunately, racism did not die in that era, it only expanded its reach to the South wherein now free blacks were subjected to a terror campaign by the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and the Democrat Party.

By the 20th Century, there were once again opportunities for prosperity in the black community. In the oil boom, for example, many African-American entrepreneurs and investors made bank. Tulsa, Oklahoma became a centre for black prosperity. The Greenwood District, centred on Greenwood St, was called “Black Wall Street.” In one of the most cruel and horrible episodes in American history, a race riot broke out and many people died (black and white alike) as the Greenwood District was burned to the ground while local authorities looked on, unwilling to aid the residents in protecting their property and livelihoods. Jim Crow laws in the South mimicked those once enacted in the north in the early 19th Century.

“Black Wall Street” the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma

What happened to Jim Crow?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 officially ended Jim Crow laws, those that permitted and enforced the segregation of racial groups mostly in the deep South. This was not the end to government oppression of African-Americans. In the 1960’s Democrat President Lyndon Johnson signed the Great Society reforms into law. These brought a wide range of welfare programs that targeted the black community, especially in inner-cities. It soon followed that previously Republican black voters moved over to the Democrat Party. Since that time, Republican presidents have become accustomed to earning 8% or so of the black vote. Inner-cities have been dominated by the progressive left. Every left-wing notion has been enacted in these cities aimed at achieving their utopian ends.

After 50 years, however, most of the same problems that existed during the Johnson Administration, and certainly the same complaints, continue to fester. In fact, African-Americans are poorer now than they were in the 1960’s (adjusted for inflation). High unemployment has been endemic in the community. An overwhelming number of black men are arrested and jailed for criminality. Crime has risen apace in these communities.

Hillary Clinton accused President Trump of painting a “dark picture” of black communities during the 2016 presidential campaign, yet, four years later people have taken to the streets to riot against every conceivable injustice. What has the progressive left done to improve the lot of blacks in America? Not much. Welfare programs devalued the black family and more and more Africa-Americans have been born out of wedlock. Single parenthood is a phenomenon known to increase the likelihood that a child so raised will suffer from severe mental illness and will be less successful in life.

Taxes, burdensome regulations, and crime rates have increased driving jobs and opportunities away from inner-cities. The results of progressive policies thus seem to be something like the results desired by the KKK. Now, progressive Democrat politicians refuse to protect black homes and businesses when they come under attack from thugs (rioters and looters are accurately described as thugs regardless of their skin colour).

Riots in Minneapolis and around the country have destroyed many minority-owned businesses

The progressive left has promised minority communities that their grievances will be righted, their just rewards paid, and “social justice” will prevail. They have delivered results that look a lot like white supremacy. Protestors and rioters are complaining about Democrat policies and progressive politicians, even as they blame Republicans, Donald Trump, and the specious racism that they claim is everywhere in our society; until one asks for a specific example of systemic racism where protestors come up short on answers.  In recent years, Democrats including Barack Obama, have intensified race rhetoric to try to keep minority communities from deserting the Democrats. After decades of neglect, incompetence, and outright malfeasance, minority voters could be forgiven for seeking alternatives to the progressive left.

In an age when the Democrats have abandoned working class voters, mainstreamed antisemitism, and refused to seek real solutions to any real world problems, minorities have much to fear. The neo-Marxist left is concerned only with its own power and the destruction of any institution that challenges it, ergo the call for the dismantling of police departments. Who is going to protect black lives if there are no law enforcement officers? To whom will rape victims turn for protection and justice? Who will protect minority businesses from pillagers? No one. That is a deeply dystopian vision for these communities.

The death of George Floyd was terrible example of police brutality. The vast majority of Americans were righteously outraged. Nevertheless, over recent years, the problem of the abuse of African-Americans by law enforcement has been in decline. In 2015 there were 38 unarmed black men killed by law enforcement officers. In 2019 it was down to nine. Hopefully, the number will soon be zero. Community relations trainings have helped officers to do a better job policing minority communities. The death of George Floyd will only accelerate these reforms. These reforms are not enough for those promoting an extreme left agenda. Nothing less than the absolute destruction of America will sate them.

Students at Mystic Valley Charter Schools

If Black Lives Really Mattered

If BLM truly wanted to improve the lot of African-Americans, they would start by targeting black on black violence. They would encourage young people, young men in particular, in minority communities to abandon crime and find gainful employment, start businesses, and generally promote a spirit of cooperation. They would seek political and economic reforms aimed at stimulating job growth and business ownership. They would encourage two parent families that produce healthier children who have significantly improved prospects in life. They would encourage church attendance, as this offers moral guidance, community, and discipline to young men and women alike. School choice could provide access to improved educational outcomes for children in these communities. Has there been racism in the past in America? Of this there can be no doubt. Racism is still a challenge in America today and the way to overcome it is equality of opportunity and access to prosperity that will answer the need.

Instead, BLM and the far-left blame white people and Republicans while ignoring the real problems. They continue to attack religion and the family, they continue to defend failing inner-city schools, and they continue to promote overt acts of violence and destruction. They promote bogeymen like “systemic white supremacy” and “white privilege.” In this video Ben Shapiro debunks the idea that racism is the primary cause of inequality. In fact, there are many factors that cause inequality, many of which can be overcome with changes in culture and increased awareness of the challenges that face racial minorities. These ignore any real racism to excuse violence and theft. One can only hope a growing number of black voters see this situation for what it is and turn away from their real oppressors: progressive Democrats.

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