Why I am Not Watching the Superbowl

[penci_text_block heading=”Superbowl Sunday”]My decision is not an indictment of my friends or others. I am just sharing why I won’t be watching the Superbowl game. I don’t give comfort to the enemy nor consort with them. I remember who they are, what they did, and what they’re still doing. If all it takes is some Jabronis on a field to distract us from a larger truth, we are not ready for the issues that come by our own making. Even as some prepare to watch the Superbowl, do you think its just a coincidence that some of the most damning news about Obama, Hillary and Joe Biden are coming out today? No, our enemy knows us better than we know ourselves!

Most won’t hear this news that should spark serious outrage, why? Because today is the Superbowl baby! I am a minor personality in the Influence industry, I can’t tell you how many people have told me, my stock would rise if I would only keep my topics light hearted and upbeat! Well trust me, I am a funny guy! When the season for that is upon us, I wished I could do that shtick. But I love and respect you, my audience, and our country too much to do that to you. The cold hard truth is love right now. Tomorrow after all the merriment of today our children return to an environment not designed to nurture our children positively. We will soon return to a work place rife with vaxxers trying to cancel the unvaxed. Yes a respite has its place, but in truth we haven’t even begun to fight. This is no time for a break!


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[penci_text_block heading=”A Thorough Wash”]So in closing, in the spirit of the Superbowl let me posit this: “there is a player wearing our jersey, yet each time the other team scores they cheer, each time our quarterback has the ball they call a play for the other team, they set our benches on fire, tell our cheerleaders to boo us when we take the field and even gave our play book to the other team. Now tell me just because that Jabroni is wearing our jersey, does that really mean he’s on our team?” Thank you for watching and reading my post, today my car is getting a really thorough cleaning job![/penci_text_block]
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