Will Superman Fall to Woke Kryptonite?

Well I think we’re forgetting one thing for the sake of progressive agendas: we take from our TV characters traits and incorporate them into real life. A symbiosis of art and life, kids with blankets tied around their necks running through the streets as who? Superman. Often the lines of ” Does Art imitate life or does life imitate art?” become blurred in our daily lives as our fashion & culture are influenced by the screen characters.

Superman was fleeing the oppression of a junta named Gen. Zod, he doesn’t have to have papers as a refugee. If the influence of screen characters didn’t have such an impact on society, why the need to have these iconic characters take on traits such as sexual orientation that is pushed by the main stream?

Now to attempt to say those who were raised on a traditional Superman are wrong. This is akin to someone who grew up with a very strong masculine dad in the home then at the age of fifty their father comes home wearing a dress; this will cause adverse reactions. For those trying to make a new world from the bones of the old, they have to accept we’re not dead yet.

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